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Black Facebook Employees Call Out the Company for Microaggressions

Facebook has a long checklist of things to fix when it comes to bots, discriminatory advertising, and hate speech on its website. As the company works to solve these issues, it may have a blind spot for handling inappropriate behaviors in its workplace. “We cannot afford to be vulnerable externally because Facebook has made us a vulnerable target internally,” a group of anonymous Black Facebook employees said a Medium post. The group detailed various examples of managerial disrespect, micro and macro aggressions, and online racism within the company. “While eating breakfast, two white employees asked me to clean up after their mess. I am a program manager,” one employee said. “I told my manager about the incident. She told me I need to dress more professionally.” Incidents range from employees being overlooked for promotions and negatively targeted in peer reviews to gaslighting tactics from managers and peers. “Racism, discrimination, bias, and aggression do not come from the big...

Nov 29, 2019

A Former Facebook Manager Just Called Out The Company For Mistreatment of Black Employees and Users

A former Facebook manager posted a memo today accusing the company of having a problem with diversity, specifically one with black people. Mark Luckie, the former Strategic Partner Manager for Global Influencers Focused on Underrepresented Voices, sent the memo to all Facebook employees on November 9 and reposted the message on the platform today. “Facebook doesn’t have an excuse to not change,” Luckie told AfroTech. “This was my way of saying there is a way to change and this is how you do it.” Luckie highlighted some of the internal and external issues the company has with handling diversity. “Black people are finding that their attempts to create “safe spaces” on Facebook for conversation among themselves are being derailed by the platform itself,” Luckie said in the memo. “Non-black people are reporting what are meant to be positive efforts as hate speech, despite them often not violating Facebook’s terms of service.” Luckie told AfroTech that he decided to write the memo after...

Nov 28, 2018