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Entrepreneur Latoya Nicole Is On A Mission To Represent Black Women Through Art Supplies

As Black people, we deserve diversity when it comes to art materials too! Entrepreneurs Color Too is a best-selling Black-owned coloring book and supply company that was founded by Latoya Nicole to promote diversity within the art space and create adult coloring books that promote self-care, wellness, and most importantly, self-love. On the leg of its major milestone of selling 25,000 books, the company has launched its newest addition for adults: “Shades of Brown” colored pencils. “Thinking back to when I was a child I remember seeing very few books with Black women as the main character, let alone seeing a Black woman on the cover,” said Nicole in an interview with AfroTech. “My brand Entrepreneurs Color Too aims to be inspiring and relatable to young girls and women like me. ” The path to funding for Nicole has been all about bootstrapping her business through the money from her day job and now that the business has sold over 25,000 books on Amazon alone, the money is used as...

May 21, 2021