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Should You Launch Your Big Idea As A Stealth Startup?

Starting a business comes with highs and lows. On the one hand, an entrepreneur may feel endless optimism as they launch a new concept and see how the market responds. But conversely, fears over being scooped by the competition — especially bigger brands — can make even the most confident individuals second guess their decisions. And in particular, steep competition from established businesses is a major caveat that an entrepreneur needs to consider when launching a new concept. This is because a competitor with a more established firm often has access to resources, a deep network and name recognition by consumers. This means that even if an upstart business is first to market with an idea, it can still be overtaken by the competition and lose its edge. This is where choosing to be a stealth startup can be a calculated and smart decision. What Are Stealth Startups? Stealth startups are exactly as the name implies — startups that maintain a low profile and enter into the market with...

Black Woman Entrepreneur Says She Now Owns A $3.5M Intermodal Container Operation After Leaving Her Teaching Job

Houstonian Ashley Williams-Booker honed multiple jobs before she switched career paths and hit the jackpot. Booker is the founder of Complete Logistics Service, a multi-million dollar asset-based company that supplies intermodal drayage services in Texas. She is responsible for transporting over 2,500 containers per year, and according to information provided to AfroTech, Booker leads one of the top 25 small business drayage companies in Houston, TX.

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 25, 2022

Meet Shequitta Kelly, The Black Woman Court Judge By Day And Entrepreneur By Night

Shequitta Kelly is finding great success as a court judge, but she’s still pushing herself above and beyond.

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 17, 2022

David Price's Safety Pouch, The College Project That Turned Into A Useful Invention To Save Lives, Is Now Sold At Walmart Stores

The Safety Pouch is now sold at Walmart stores. @davidpricesp Repost since TT took the first one down. Dreams do come true. Go and get yours at a Walmart near you! #smallbusiness #walmart #safetypouch #juneteenth #StJudeDadPhotos #fathersday #beyonce #breakmysoul ♬ BREAK MY SOUL – Beyoncé

Samantha Dorisca

Aug 5, 2022

New York's First Cannabis Dispensaries Will Be Reserved For Former Drug Offenders

Some states are becoming more and more liberal with laws around cannabis and its use. New York is leveling up that liberalism by offering a sense of justice to those who were once convicted on marijuana charges before the state legalized it. Now, the melodic tunes of Rick James proclaiming his love of “Mary Jane” can ring clear for thousands of individuals. In the new policy, individuals with previous marijuana charges will be the first to be able to hold a retail license to sell recreational cannabis in New York. View the approved application here: — NYS Office of Cannabis Management (@nys_cannabis) July 14, 2022

Josh Rodgers

Jul 14, 2022

33-Year-Old Candiss Pitts Says She Now Brings In $119K Per Month After Quitting Her Job To Follow Her Calling

The ultimate life hack is when your passion and purpose can fund a life that surpasses your wildest dreams. Now that Candiss Pitts has mastered this hack, she is helping others do the same as the founder of The Royal Shaman, a spiritual advising business that caters to CEOs and entrepreneurs who are the cream of the crop. Upon graduating college, Pitts revealed on CNBC that she worked in direct sales and was so good at her job that she landed in the top two percent of the consultants at her company — unlocking “free trips, designer handbags, and mansion parties.” Yet, as an avid dreamer, she still knew that there was more out there for her. “As a 24-year-old mother from a small town in West Virginia, it was more than I ever dreamed of,” she wrote in an excerpt on CNBC. “Still, I had this nagging feeling that something was missing. I started asking myself: ‘Who am I? What am I here to do? Am I living my purpose?’” It was this mindset that ultimately led Pitts to the idea of launching...

Shanique Yates

Mar 25, 2022

Having Built Millions Of Dollars In Sales, It's Clear SPERGO's Trey Brown Knows What It Takes To Generate Wealth

It’s never too early to begin looking ahead to the future, especially not for Trey Brown, who is a young entrepreneur with a very promising one. As previously reported by AfroTech, Brown continues to level up whether it be through his second retail store for his brand SPERGO or wooing the sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” He is the future and from the looks of it, the kids are indeed alright. Brown, a true wealth generator, first began his entrepreneurial path at the age of 12. Now, at 15-years-old, he has managed to bring in millions of dollars in sales — even landing an investment deal that could set him on the right path to fulfilling his dream of becoming a millionaire by the time he is age 21. The teen originally launched SPERGO, a boutique fashion collection for men, women, and children, after receiving a birthday gift. Today, the business has two storefronts, one located in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, and the second in Washington, D.C. at Pentagon City Mall. Brown...

Shanique Yates

Feb 21, 2022

With Elev8 Ventures, Founder Tunji Fadiora Plans To Take Minority Founders To The Next Level

After attending Florida A&M University for four years, Tunji Fadiora decided to drop out to launch Creative Culture Media in Jacksonville, FL. While working to provide support for small businesses, Fadiora was compelled to enhance his efforts to help entrepreneurs. Designed to cater to Black and brown founders, Elev8 Ventures was launched in 2018. The entrepreneurial community is committed to providing substantial resources to spur development for minority founders. Fadiora wanted to ensure individuals had access to competitive programs not contingent upon their economic status or geographical location. “We are evening the playing field. Resources are very accessible to certain groups of people in certain economic groups but Black and brown founders, people who look like us, are not used to having resources,” Fadiora told AfroTech. “So, we want to focus on the people who need these services more.”

Samantha Dorisca

Sep 25, 2021

One Of The Biggest Poultry Production Companies In Africa Is Run By A 35-Year-Old Senegalese Woman

This Senegalese woman knows what it takes to be a success. She’s so successful, in fact, that she runs the biggest poultry production company in Africa. Face2Face Africa features the story of Anta Babacar Ngom, who inherited Sedima from her father, Babacar, when he retired from work. Sedima is Senegal’s biggest poultry producer, and it is, in fact, one of the largest poultry producers on the continent. Ngom oversees the company’s production, distribution, and development. According to her LinkedIn page, Ngom is also the General Director of KFC Senegal, where she has been for three years. But the Senegalese woman isn’t just about the chicken. In fact, under her tutelage, Sedima actually diversified its portfolio. In 2014, Ngom oversaw the company’s expansion into flour mills. Two years later, Ngom oversaw the company’s expansion into two new factories. Both expansions required an investment of nearly $30 million, which Ngom was able to secure without a problem. According to Face2Face...

Meet Dr. Jalaal Hayes, A STEAM Advocate Who Earned His Doctorate In Applied Chemistry At Age 22

When Dr. Jalaal Hayes started his educational journey, he didn’t know it would lead him on the path to becoming the youngest person to hold a doctorate degree in applied chemistry from Delaware State University (DSU). Dr. Hayes was only 22-years-old when he earned his doctorate degree from DSU in December 2015, and he was the youngest candidate in the Historically Black College and University’s 124-year history. The road to this accomplishment wasn’t always the smoothest for him, and at times, he even doubted he’d make it here. “The hardest part was staying focused and reminding myself of the goal,” Dr. Hayes told AfroTech. “That goal was graduating college, so I just made sure I didn’t have time to get distracted.” Dr. Hayes went to George Washington Carver School of Engineering and Science in Philadelphia. He describes this as one of the premiere science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) schools in the city, since you had to apply and test into it. When he was...

Michelai Graham

May 19, 2021

Buttah Skin Founder Dorión Renaud is Building a Beyoncé-Co-Signed Skincare Brand For Black People

From faith the size of an unwanted blemish grows a Beyoncé-stamped skincare brand, and that’s on serial entrepreneur Dorión Renaud. The Beaumont, TX native founded Buttah Skin for men, women, and non-gendered people in 2018 after stumbling upon a self-mix set of natural ingredients that finally faded his hyperpigmentation. Now, after bootstrapping his business for two years, Renaud’s skincare collection — fully loaded with a serum, sonic brush, toner, several creams, and beauty bars — is a beloved brand made for “melanin-rich skin,” specifically. “Everyone from the director of the shoots to the stylists to the makeup artists is all Black, and that’s the only way that this brand is able to be successful,” he tells AfroTech. “We are inclusive, but it’s so important that I work with people that understand our beauty and culture to be able to shape the beauty industry.” By the summer of 2020, while already serving a growing customer base, Buttah Skin popped up on virtually everyone’s...

Niki McGloster

Jan 29, 2021

Age-Defying Pharrell Williams Finally Launches a Skincare Line Called Humanrace

After years of fielding questions about his age-defying skin, Pharrell Williams is finally entering the beauty business with his own skincare brand, Humanrace . Allure spoke with the superstar hitmaker and fashion designers for exclusive details on the forthcoming collection, which includes three products: rice powder cleanser ($32), lotus enzyme exfoliant ($46), and humidifying cream ($48). Consulted by dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones, the three-step system is designed to prepare, repair, and protect the skin. “You put on that humidifying cream,” he said. “You’re like, ‘Oh man, my skin is popping.’” Pharrell, whose youthful look receives constant praise online and IRL, credits his obsession with skincare to the many women he’s quizzed, including Naomi Campbell. “They’d talk to me about their skin and the things that they’d do. It varied between the different girls and campaigns that they had done and what they felt was...

Niki McGloster

Nov 12, 2020

4 Proven Ways to Land High-Paying Clients as a Freelancer

For many freelancers, landing clients is the hardest part of running a freelance business. This is especially true for those who are just getting started. But if you really invest in marketing and promoting your freelance business, finding clients can be a lot easier than you think. Here are some handy tips to help you get your freelance business off the ground. 1. PROMOTE YOUR SERVICES ON SOCIAL MEDIA Social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are great ways to get exposure for your freelance business. Optimize your social media profiles with keywords for whatever service you’re offering. Also, have a professional profile photo that’s the same across all platforms, which creates brand consistency. Follow the businesses you’re targeting and comment on their posts. Engagement is the key to building trust. 2. ASK FOR REFERRALS FROM EXISTING CLIENTS If you already have clients, but you’re struggling to find more, you can always ask your existing clients to...


Nov 6, 2020

This Black Designer is Collaborating With Foot Locker to Honor Women in Streetwear

Come mid-November, streetwear designer Olivia Anthony will release a new collection for Foot Locker Women called “Destined to Liv.” According to Girls United , the global sneaker brand commissioned the Brooklyn-based Birmingham, Alabama native to be a part of its “Behind Her Label” series, an initiative that celebrates female designers and sheds light on the industry’s gender gap. The other designers in the series include NYC-based artists Amanda Litzinger and Shana Sadeghi-Ray. “When I first got the email, I was shook,” Anthony told GU about the collaboration. Long before this new partnership, Anthony founded LIV Streetwear —a brand she launched from her dorm room in 2012, and was heavily inspired by 90’s fashion and the founder of Walker Wear, April Walker. As a result, 90’s-loving celebrities like Kehlani and SZA have been spotted wearing Anthony’s designs. Now she’s emerging further into the spotlight to promote an upcoming collection filled with bright colors, unique textures,...

Niki McGloster

Oct 27, 2020

These Black Celebs Created OnlyFans Accounts That Could Lead To Millions

OnlyFans was once a haven for sex workers; a subscription-based social network where adult entertainers receive a much better payout than other X-rated sites, according to the New York Times . However, thanks in part to a shoutout from Beyoncé in April, Black celebrities have hijacked the popular social network seeking an additional stream of income. Ummm I did not know my onlyfans was charging ten dollars …I’m bringing it down to 4.99.Ya spend too much on vinyls and my merch coming next week — Cardi B (@iamcardib) August 12, 2020 Over the past six months, many artists, designers, and other macro-influencers have signed up for OnlyFans to capitalize on the NSFW content they’ve previously shared for free. For instance, a slightly revealing bikini shot could rack up millions behind OnlyFans’s paywall in addition to comments and likes. However, some celebrities aren’t venturing into X-rated media but rather using the platform to promote new music projects via live performances ,...

Niki McGloster

Oct 9, 2020