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This Engineer Invented A Comb For 'Afro Hair' — Now, She's Working On Getting More Black Women Into Her Field

United Kingdom-based engineer Youmna Mouhamad has created a tool catered specifically for Black women by a Black woman. Mouhamad’s inception of the Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler bloomed when she worked as a nanny while studying to earn her Ph.D. in physics, BBC reports. As she watched a young girl’s hair get washed and conditioned, the child’s eyes began to fill with tears due to the experience. This moment would cause Mouhamad to embrace a new academic journey and switch to studying engineering. “I shifted to engineering because I always had a desire to work on things that I can touch with my hands, and I love the process of taking an idea and actually creating something,” Mouhamad says to BBC. To bring her vision to life, Mouhamad would attend an enterprise fellowship at the Royal Academy of Engineering. Here, she was able to create a focus group to develop an effective product pooling adolescent girls and women to test the prototype, which provided stellar reviews. To hear the positive...

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 28, 2021

Meet Caleb Anderson, the 12-Year-Old College Sophomore Studying Aerospace Engineering

Caleb Anderson is not your average 12-year-old. Despite his young age, Anderson is already a sophomore studying aerospace engineering at Chattahoochee Technical College in Georgia. According to 11Alive , he began to show his brilliance from the time he was in diapers, learning sign language to effectively communicate before he could even speak. He leveled up even further by learning to read the United States Constitution at the age of two. “By nine months old, he was able to sign over 250 words, and by 11 months old, he was speaking and reading,” shared Anderson’s family. At the age of three, Anderson could already speak Spanish, Mandarin, and French on top of his native language English. He also qualified for MENSA — the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. According to Face to Face Africa , this society is only open to people who score at the 98 th percentile or higher on a supervised, standardized, or other approved intelligence test. “As we started to interact with...

Shanique Yates

Oct 2, 2020