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Advancement In Technology Is Good For Communication According To Holler Founder Travis Montaque

The advancement of technology doesn’t necessarily always have to be a bad thing. While many suggest that technology and social media alone have caused us to communicate less effectively, this Black founder says it can also mean the complete opposite. “If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that both of those things are kind of true,” said Travis Montaque on the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money (BTGM). “When I think about some of the things that we’ve done at Holler from a research perspective, one of the things we look for is how people are utilizing technology and platforms to connect with each other.” Holler is a messaging technology company that delivers content in messaging environments that includes texts, social media, and payment apps. Montaque shares that during his company’s most recent report, studies found that 42 percent of people message more than they did pre-pandemic. “If you think about the natural behavior that created the demand for messaging platforms...

May 25, 2021