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Usain Bolt's Bolt Mobility Seems To Have 'Vanished' — What Happened And Why Has It Left Electric Scooters Abandoned In Several U.S. Cities?

The world was excited when renowned Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt launched his own line of electric scooters, but now everyone is wondering what happened to the company now that its products have been scrapped and left abandoned in several U.S. cities. Bolt Mobility electric scooters made up the dockless rental company co-founded by the famed sprinter. Per reports from TechCrunch, the company has halted operations across several U.S. cities including Portland, OR, Burlington, VT, South Burlington, VT, Winooski, VT, Richmond, CA, as well as Richmond, VA.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Bolt Mobility (@bolt_now)

Sep 13, 2022