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Lowe's Launches New Program To Help Employees Become Debt-Free

Lowe’s is seeking to remain a trailblazer in employee retention. Imagine a world where employers equipped their teams with the resources needed to eliminate debt! Lowe’s just might have laid the foundation for a model that others may want to adapt when it comes to keeping the people that keep the ship running happy! According to PR Newswire the retailer has announced a new education program that allows its associates to grow and develop in their careers. Not only will employees gain access to 100 percent debt-free programs, but they will also have the chance to unveil new opportunities to pursue  not only their career aspirations, but educational dreams too. “At Lowe’s, we believe greater access to education leads to more opportunities, and our success is intertwined with our associates’ success and their ability to continuously learn,” said Janice Dupré, Lowe’s executive vice president of human resources. “We actively listen to our associates to identify how we can help them in the...

Apr 15, 2022