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Meet Dr. Maiysha Jones, the Black Scientist Behind the Science of Some of Your Favorite Beauty Brands

This Black doctor is the scientist behind some of our favorite beauty brands! Dr. Maiysha Jones serves as a Senior Scientist and Senior Scientific Communications Manager for Olay Body and several other P&G personal care brands. While she has a true passion for contributing scientifically to the brands, Dr. Jones is also committed to the development of young professionals in the sciences who have a specific interest in the growth and development of women and underrepresented minorities. “Black women bring a unique perspective to the STEM fields, and our voices need to be among those making decisions about the direction of consumer product and technology development to help protect against marginalization,” Dr. Jones told AfroTech via email. Since middle school, Dr. Jones knew that she wanted to grow up to become a scientist, but it wasn’t until after her undergraduate studies that she wanted to do research that specifically served a purpose in people’s lives. From there, she had the...

Mar 5, 2021