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Meet The Father-Son Doctor Duo Working To Fight Cancer And Help Marginalized Communities

This father-son duo is transforming the lives of cancer patients right alongside each other. After Dr. David Randolph II was moved by the impact his father had on patients, he realized he also wanted to become a vessel to improve the quality of life for others, Inside Edition reports. Eventually, he and his father, Dr. David Randolph, became radiation oncologists at the Johnston-Willis Hospital in Richmond, VA. “I was able to witness the impact that he had, and see how he was able to help these people and that’s what really started my interest in medicine — just seeing that you can have anything in the world that you want, but if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything, and being able to help improve or restore people’s health is something that’s very meaningful,” David Randolph II of the father-son duo said, according to Inside Edition.

Dec 14, 2021