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Gender Inequality in the Tech Industry: Doing More Means Making More

The gender gap in the tech industry has long sparked conversation. Thanks to two executives, the conversation just got more upbeat. In a recent TechCrunch article , Girls in Tech Founder and CEO Adriana Gascoigne revealed that progress is happening, and for one reason : revenue generation. Citing a 2017 study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, Gascoigne revealed that due to innovation, companies with diverse management teams have 19 percent higher revenue. That discovery may cause many tech shops to pursue diversity initiatives more assiduously. Maddox Events co-founder Michaela Jeffery-Morrison would agree that tech companies need to do more. Jeffery-Morrison established Maddox Events as a way of creating events to encourage diversity. Gascoigne founded Girls in Tech in 2007 after observing a paucity of female counterparts in her field. The mission of the global nonprofit is “to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries and startups .” Now, in its twelfth year,...

Dec 18, 2019