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How Accurate Is It To Call Tech Disruption 'Inevitable?'

There is no denying that we live in a digital age. From the home to the workplace, technology continues to transform our spaces. Just look at how self-checkout machines have impacted your shopping experience. When people think of industries utilizing tech innovations, they often focus on those such as auto and aerospace, but there’s no industry in the United States that isn’t ripe for tech disruption. As people continue to encourage industries to revitalize their game plans and “prepare for the inevitable,” it’s important to confront some myths about disruption. To start, tech disruption should not be framed as an inevitability. Doing so makes people think they’re powerless over tech, which is ironic given that we are the ones who create it. After all, tech is not a sentiment. It is not capable of deciding, for itself, to disrupt anything. People are behind tech disruptions. By acknowledging that, we can frame the conversation around conscious choices rather than pretending that it...

Aug 22, 2019