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Does The Digital Nomad Life Really Work For Black Freelancers?

Earlier this year, I committed to the full-time freelancing lifestyle. While I knew that budgetary constraints would be real, I looked forward to a life on my terms. That is, the ability to earn money while traveling to all of my dream locations. Now, after a few months of doing this, here are some things I’ve learned about the digital nomad life as a freelancer: 1. Racism Still Exists In Black Countries This one caught me off-guard because I grew up in a majority-Black country and thought I would feel comfortable in any other majority-Black country. Additionally, I had heard from other Black digital nomads how much safer and more respected they felt outside of the U.S. The truth is, any economy that relies heavily on white tourism will not be entirely accommodating for Black tourists, even if their population is largely Black. Between suspicious glances in restaurants and coffee shops, to outright rudeness from service providers because they assume you’re “just a local girl,” you...

Colleen Williams

Oct 8, 2019