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How To Stop Doomscrolling And Take Your Digital Power Back

Not everyone is born to be a full-time content creator , but these days it’s rare to meet someone who isn’t a user on at least one social platform. Twitter’s transition into X caused it to lose millions of users and the fate of TikTok in America is still up in the air, yet still, people around the world rely on apps like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to get their news, connect with loved ones and express their own feelings. The positives are great – but what about the negative aspects of social media , such as doomscrolling? We have access to more information than ever before at the tips of our fingers, and all day, notifications bring us updates that can send your nervous system on an unpleasant rollercoaster ride. If we’re not careful, we can become addicted to this cycle which is both mentally and physically damaging. Keep reading to better understand doomscrolling, and what you can do to combat the digital disease plaguing us. What Is Doomscrolling? Before you try to break a...

May 30, 2024

This Brand Wants To Pay You $10K — But Only If You’re Willing To Stay Off Of Your Smartphone For A Month

The yogurt brand Siggi’s Dairy wants to reward some lucky winners with $10,000 if they can go a month without their smartphone.

Jan 29, 2024

COVID-19 Content Overload? Here's Why it's Time to Unplug

When the current pandemic crisis reached U.S. shores, I, like much of the country, looked to our government for information. I overdosed on daily press briefings, stayed up-to-date on death tolls and leaned on my online community heavily. To stay sane, I turned to yoga classes on IGTV, virtual happy hours on Zoom, each and every booty-sculpting fitness class, that DJ D-Nice live session (Auntie Michelle arrived and I almost fainted in my bed) and VERZUZ, the online catalog battle between music legends powered by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. At first, the nonstop entertainment, born as a response to the pandemic, calmed my nerves, as Black culture tends to do. The music lifted my spirit, the workouts helped me sweat out the stress of uncertainty, and the nonstop Twitter jokes kept my mind distracted. But lately, the volume of content and constant connection has become overwhelming, only boosting my anxiety, not alleviating it. If you’ve also felt the weight of being tapped into every...

Apr 8, 2020