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Dez Bryant's Personal Corner Launches NFTs For Trevon Diggs, Von Miller, Maxx Crosby, And More

Dez Bryant has some NFTs for sale, and he’s not doing it alone. On Feb. 4, Personal Corner dropped a whole new collection of NFTs featuring Trevon Diggs (Dallas Cowboys), Von Miller (Los Angeles Rams), Maxx Crosby (Las Vegas Raiders), Marquise “Hollywood” Brown (Baltimore Ravens), and Matthew Judon (New England Patriots). The NFTs went up for pre-sale on Feb. 3. Personal Corner was established in 2016 to provide solutions for athletes and influencers to build their personal brands in both the physical and digital space. Dez Bryant, an avid gamer, founded and built Personal Corner to assist both athletes and influencers in crossing their personal brands over to the digital realms, and he believes dynamic NFTs are the perfect tool to accomplish this goal. Personal Corner builds NFTs, with support from Chainlink Sports Data Feeds, that dynamically change based on an athlete’s stats, such as touchdowns, tackles, sacks, and more. NFTs empower athletes to create exciting ways to keep...