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Dennis Rodman's 2024 Net Worth Doesn't Reflect It, But He's The Most Fascinating Man On Earth

Dennis Rodman is likely best known for his prolific career with the NBA , showcasing incredible defensive abilities during his 20-year tenure on the court. However, the retired basketball star has gone on to exhibit a host of eccentric accolades in his 62 years on Earth, making him one of the most interesting humans to ever live. Today, Dennis Rodman touts a paltry net worth of only $500,000 according to Watcher Guru , in spite of his multi-million dollar legacy. Rodman sits at this figure for a number of reasons, most notably due to a number of shady business deals that saw his long-time financial advisor embezzling millions from his personal fortune. Despite Dennis Rodman’s lower-than-expected net worth, the retired basketball legend seems to be living comfortably today, and has tons of social credit to fall back on in case he needs additional financial security. Since retiring from the NBA, Rodman has gone on to wrestle at a professional level, appear in numerous film and...

Apr 12, 2024

These Celebrities Made Bad Financial Investments — Here's How It Worked Out For Them

From Dennis Rodman to Ja Rule, celebrities are just like us in that they, too, can make bad financial investments. Most recently, AfroTech told the story of NBA player Tim Duncan, whose scamming financial adviser cost him more than $20 million. Yet, most interestingly of all, Duncan remained unbothered by his ex-adviser’s behavior. “Luckily I had a long career and made good money. This is a big chunk, but it’s not going to change my life in any way. It’s not going to make any decisions for me,” he said. But while the likes of Tim Duncan can easily bounce back from bad financial investments, not every celebrity is quite as lucky. These celebrities made bad financial investments — let’s take a look at how it worked out for them.

From Jeffrey Jordan To Cordell Broadus — Here Are 9 Children Following In Their Fathers' Footsteps

In case you didn’t already know, there is a list of greats carrying on their famous parents’ legacy in such a wonderful way — and AfroTech has had the pleasure of covering almost all of them. From Lionel Richie’s three children and their continuing careers in entertainment to Stevie Wonder’s ten children and their continuing of his musical legacy, Black celebrity children go out of their way to make their parents proud — and we’re here for it all! Showbiz legacy families are not uncommon — but these nine celebrity children are not only following in their famous fathers’ footsteps, but they’re adding a tech twist to their family legacy, as well. From NFTs to NIL deals, from franchise ownerships to record-breaking contracts with sports teams, here’s how these nine children are bringing pride to their family names.

These 6 Celebrities Lost It All — Then Built Back Better

Dennis Rodman is just one of the many celebrities who lost it all at the height of his career. But, as AfroTech previously reported, Rodman didn’t lose it all because he frittered his money away, or because he was sued into oblivion. Rather, Rodman lost it all because his business manager at the time was involved in some shady financial dealings — and those dealings ultimately landed her in prison. What’s more, Rodman could only recover a mere fraction of the money he’d lost to Peggy Ann Fulford’s illegal activities. Fortunately, Rodman was able to build back better — and while he’s nowhere near his peak net worth of $27 million, he still stays paid…and, inexplicably, inside a Planet Fitness. Iconic. Planet Fitness aside, Rodman’s only the first of many celebrities who lost it all — only to build back better when the time was right. From musicians, to athletes, to actors, no one stays down forever — and these superstars are living proof that it’s not how far you fall, but how you...

How Dennis Rodman's Ex-Financial Advisor Unapologetically Robbed Him Of His $27M Fortune

It’s impossible to overstate how influential Dennis Rodman was at the peak of his career. The original “Bad Boy of Basketball” got attention both on and off the court thanks to his larger-than-life personality and his ferociously competitive spirit. As part of the Chicago Bulls during the team’s historic 1996-1997 season, Rodman — together with the legendary Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen — brought the team to unprecedented heights. And he was paid handsomely for it all. By some estimates, Dennis Rodman was worth more than $27 million at the height of his career. And that money attracted all sorts of celebrity cache — including high-profile relationships with Madonna and former Prince protegée Carmen Electra. If NBA stars are Met Gala-attending celebrity darlings today, it’s partly because Rodman walked (or, more specifically, dunked ) so they could rip the runway. Unfortunately, with such incredible highs came even more incredible lows — and he ultimately lost it all. But how...