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In 1984, David Steward Borrowed $2K From His Dad To Venture Into Entrepreneurship — Now He's The Majority Owner Of A $14.5B Company

In 1978, gospel legend Walter Hawkins pinned lyrics that stated, “a little rain mixed with God’s sunshine a little pain, makes me appreciate the good times.” These words position themselves perfectly to the rags to riches story related to tech billionaire David Steward. Stories like these often provide hope, invigorate motivation, and inspire change, and Steward’s is no different. Born in Chicago, IL, Steward came from humble beginnings with seven other siblings. Although he was born in the Windy City, his family moved to his mother’s hometown of Clinton, MO, where he was raised. There, they lived in a small home that did not include indoor plumbing or heating. The family had a small farm with cows, vegetables, and crops. Tending to the land was a part of the Steward family’s daily responsibilities. “My jobs included emptying the chamber pots, shaking down the ash in the potbelly stove and then spreading it on the driveway for traction, cleaning the barn, feeding the cows and pigs,...

Sep 13, 2022