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Why Ruth Yakubu Listened To Her Inner Voice And Launched A Career In Artificial Intelligence

This post is brought to you in partnership with Microsoft Azure Ruth Yakubu said she wouldn’t be where is today as a Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft with a successful 15-plus-year career in technology if she hadn’t listened to her inner voice. “Deep inside, that voice was like ‘Ruth, this is not you,’” reflects Yakubu, whose parents wanted her to become a doctor. But after growing up going to hospitals in Nigeria and entering undergrad as a pre-med student, she quickly realized biology wasn’t for her after a school course required her to dissect a guinea pig and corrected her journey. “I’m like, wait a minute?,” she says with a laugh. “I didn’t sign up for this!” What Yakubu did sign up for was a C programming course, a class she credits with helping her find her calling. “Whenever I coded, it was like playing chess. It’s like a puzzle you’re trying to solve,” she said with excitement.. “It was very challenging, but the reward you find afterwards, after writing code;...

Janel Martinez

Feb 8, 2018