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Wyze Data Breach Prompts Call for Higher Security Standards

Though Amazon reportedly experienced another record-setting holiday season , it also suffered its share of challenges. Among the holiday favorites for many Amazon shoppers was Wyze, the economical, smart home camera system launched by former Amazon staff. Though the top-selling item provided a major boost for Amazon’s holiday revenue, a new data breach may change that record success. A Wyze security breach confirmed in late December is said to have affected more than 2 million customers , according to Fortune. Though the full extent of the breach has yet to be revealed, it involved account information, such as email addresses, Wi-Fi information, and security tokens. According to Wyze, no financial data or passwords were compromised . The latest breach places Amazon at the epicenter of another security glitch. Wyze likely became a viable alternative for wary shoppers shying away from Amazon’s controversial Ring home camera system. Amazon and Ring were recently named in a class-action...

Emily Adeyanju

Jan 2, 2020

New Breach Calls Facebook Security Measures Into Question

The security of 29,000 Facebook workers was compromised in November when computer equipment was stolen from an employee’s car. The thief walked away with Facebook 2018 payroll data that included employee names, bank account information, salary, and bonus details, and partial Social Security numbers. “This theft impacts current and former Facebook employees only, and no Facebook user data was involved,” a Facebook spokesperson reported to Business Insider. The data was included on two unencrypted hard drives, which, according to Facebook policy , should never have been removed from the office. Employees were notified of the incident Friday. As is customary with breach incidents, affected workers were offered free subscriptions to identity theft monitoring services. The theft, once again, places a spotlight on Facebook’s security measures, as the social media giant has often been highlighted for data security issues. However, unlike Facebook’s most recent breaches, this incident did...

Emily Adeyanju

Dec 16, 2019