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N.W.A. Founding Member Arabian Prince Talks Disrupting The Healthcare Industry With A Medical Metaverse

Discovering ways to innovate in the metaverse gives way to creative freedom, but when it benefits others, it’s even more empowering. Take the founding member of the legendary N.W.A. Arabian Prince, for example, who has taken action to help close the gap of lack of access to proper healthcare with the help of the virtual world. Having grown up in an inner-city along with being an early adopter of technology, the entrepreneur possessed the ability to connect the underserved communities with life-altering ways to improve their health. To create such health opportunities and a gateway to more knowledge, Arabian co-founded MdDAO — an organization that is working to “reimagine the future of health and wellness.” With the collaborative effort of medical experts, healthcare professionals, and health consumers, the platform recently announced the launch of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which aims to disrupt the healthcare system by linking consumers directly to healthier...

Apr 27, 2022

Derrick 'DT' Thomas Explains The Benefits Of DAOs

If you’re not too sure what DAO technology is and want to learn more on how it can help in your cryptocurrency journey, look no further – Black Tech Green Money might clear up some of those lingering questions. In the latest episode with AfroTech Brand Manager, Will Lucas, founder and CEO of DAO Labs Derrick ‘DT’ Thomas sheds light on everything one should know when it comes to starting a DAO and the importance of building a community within the Web3 space.

Apr 12, 2022