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How To Find Investors For Your Next Big Idea

Entrepreneurship is often romanticized, but it is no easy journey. Beyond simply creating an idea that seems unique enough to launch, it is not cheap to be your own boss. Starting a business has several fixed costs that can quickly add up, such as legally forming a company, paying for legal protections like patents or trademarks, and, of course, marketing and promoting your business. This is where bringing in outside investors can be a smart move. Investors not only represent a cash infusion , but if founders are wise, these people can also help market, promote, and grow a business. However, finding people who are not only willing to invest in a young company but also have enough resources to support a fledgling firm can be difficult. So, where is a startup to start with finding investors? Create A Business Plan Serious investors are not interested in blindly investing in a business — even if they are relatives and friends (who are usually the initial seed investors for any...

The Weeknd Joins Chicago-Based Platform Songfinch's $2M Seed Funding Round

The Weekend is adding to his investment portfolio. A Chicago-based platform by the name of Songfinch has announced that its recent $2 million funding round was led by heavy hitters like The Weeknd, Atlantic Records chairman and CEO Craig Kallman, Reverb founder David Kalt, and co-manager of The Weeknd and co-founder of XO Records, Wassim “Sal” Slaiby. According to Digital Music News, the platform — which was co-founded by Josh Kaplan, co-manager and legal counsel for Doja Cat, John Williamson, Rob Lindquist, and Scott Kitun — allows fans to order personalized songs create d by professional musicians. Users can not only specify whether they’d like the song to mention the recipient’s name or the occasion at hand, but they can also select the preferred genre and mood of the song. From there, purchasers will provide personal information and details to allow the creator to craft the personalized track. Services typically cost $249 per work, but, per the company’s website , it is...

Shanique Yates

Jul 19, 2021