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Here's How To Take Advantage Of Sports & The Billion-Dollar Mobile Gaming Industry, According To Kai Bond

For decades, Black people have been a force in the sports industry, yet when it comes to making a profit from the game, the coins are far and few unless we’re athletes. And, Kai Bond says it’s time we change that. Bond — a partner at Courtside VC, a company that focuses on sports, gaming, and fitness verticals — says the time is now when it comes to sports innovation that can lead to something huge for the culture. “Sports used to be a game, and now it’s culture,” said Bond during the latest Black Tech Green Money episode with host Will Lucas. “When you think about the power of sports in society, it’s one of the things that can bring us together; it’s one of the things that divide us. Sports figures, athletes, you see it today in social media, their influence is outsized, and you know the ‘shut up and dribble’ conversations that have happened. We’re talking about individuals who are transforming society at a faster pace; I would argue than politicians because they’re at the...

Nov 9, 2021