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Meet The Teen Mogul Behind A Successful Cookie Business

If you can dream it you can achieve it! Heading a business with popular sweet treats is seventeen year old entrepreneur Cory Nieves. After taking one bite into Nieves’ brand you will soon realize why many are racing to try the cookie made from all-natural and high-quality ingredients. Mr. Cory’s Cookies carries Double Dark, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, and luckily the list will be expanding! If you thought leading a company as a teen was impressive, wait until you find out Mr. Cory’s Cookies was launched while Nieves was only six years of age! Nieves never imagined he would be running a successful cookie business. Rather the idea came because Nieves was tired of riding public transportation in his local town of Englewood, New Jersey and he also wanted to help his mother secure a car. “While this all started out as a way for a son to help his mom, it’s become so much bigger. I know it’s hard for the fatherless kids out there, but he has a drive and a tenacity that prevents him from giving...

Apr 15, 2022