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Black-Owned Software Development Firm Fearless To Work With NFL In An Effort To Bolster Black-Owned Businesses

The NFL is working to bridge the wealth and racial gap by supporting Black-owned businesses.

Samantha Dorisca

Sep 8, 2022

Ice Cube Expands His 'Contract With Black America' to Include Black Women in Sports

Controversial rapper-turned-controversial political firebrand Ice Cube has announced that he’s expanding his “Contract with Black America” to tackle unique issues facing Black women in sports today. In a press release announcement, it was revealed that the “Are We There Yet?” star expanded his Contract with Black America in partnership with lawyer and activist, Kamilah Moore, and lawyer, Maureen Simmons. With their help, the man born O’Shea Jackson provides both legislative remedies and guiding principles to tackle these problems. We added 2 new sections to the Contract With Black America. Check it out at — Ice Cube (@icecube) March 2, 2021 “Under the Sports Industry Economic Development Plan – CWBA Sports Initiative, the contract outlines solutions to the systemic racism engulfing sports today,” reads the announcement. “With a focus on professional and collegiate levels, the recommended action items call for leagues and national...