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Top Salary Negotiation Tips for New Tech Professionals

After you have successfully completed a job interview, the inevitable question of your new salary will come up. If you are just starting out as a new engineer, it can be difficult to figure out what salary you should ask for, and whether or not the number you have in mind is correct. In fact, many new software engineers , data scientists , and web designers skip the salary negotiation process altogether, even if employers are flexible on compensation, because the process can be tedious and nerve-wracking. Salary negotiation can be scary, especially when you’re just getting started. However, if you have a specific salary in mind, or think you are worth more than the salary offered by the job, you should not hesitate to negotiate. While you may not have as much experience as other engineers, if you can prove your worth to an employer, you’ll be surprised at how flexible they can be. To help you navigate your first salary negotiation as a new tech worker, we’ve compiled a list of top...

Career Karma

Feb 13, 2020

Five Stories Every Entrepreneur Needs to Master

In a noisy world of social media and smartphones, your story is your superpower. Your story is the number #1 thing that sets you apart from the gazillion other people with similar job titles, products, or service offerings. It’s the most powerful way to convince potential investors, journalists, customers or even your employees to take action. Think about the last three things you purchased. At some point, you probably came across words or a visual story that connected to a pain point, which led you to choose one brand over another. You may have purchased something simply because it tugged at your heartstrings. In either case, a story influenced your decision. People Buy into People Ultimately, buying is an emotional decision. The “know, like, and trust” principle is one of the most important factors for influencing someone. However take note, the business of storytelling is just not about you. Consider customer testimonials and employee stories that demonstrate the value you...

Kandia Johnson

Dec 27, 2019

STEM From Dance Is Using Confidence And The Arts To Get More Girls In Tech

Yamilee Toussaint is an MIT Engineering graduate who founded STEM from Dance , a program designed to expose black and Latino middle schools girls to careers in the STEM fields through dance. Because of the deep connection that music and dance have in the culture of minority communities who use these art forms as a release, to celebrate and to communicate, Toussaint saw the unique opportunity to build community and confidence through dance. Next week (July 9-20), STEM From Dance is hosting its Girls Rise Up summer dance camp in Brooklyn. “We’re stoked to work with 50 girls and have them experience hopefully a really transformative two weeks,” says Toussaint in an exclusive statement to AfroTech. Photo: STEM From Dance Progam participants will be introduced to software and electrical engineering principles in addition to the choreography they learn, creating a dance routine that brings together the best of both worlds. This summer, the group will also make trips to visit the Spotify...