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Leading a Team? These Conversations May Help You Earn Trust With Your Employees

Conversations breed trust, teamwork, and productivity at work. The problem is, when you’re a leader, you’re constantly putting out fires and juggling back-to-back meetings. Next thing you know, you’re sitting across from a team member and struggling to establish a genuine connection. The truth of the matter is, if you’re in charge of other people, leadership is about having a relationship with your employees. It’s not about having the time, it’s about taking time to have conversations with people who matter most. Build Trust Before You Need It Regardless of the type of business, things will happen outside of your control. During times of uncertainty, conflict, or pressure to meet deadlines, employee trust is critical for getting the work done. So leaders must set daily intentions for building trust before they need it most. A consistent, two-way conversation that encourages dialogue — not a monologue — boosts productivity. If you’re only having conversations with employees to...

Dec 30, 2019

The Lost Art Form: Here's Why Entrepreneurs Should Master Verbal Communication Skills

You’ve probably experienced or known someone who has been “catfished” in the form of conversation. Meaning, the person sitting across from you, certainly isn’t the witty, funny, intelligent person they appear to be online, but how could it be? In the age of tech, effective in-person communication is a dying and almost extinct art form. A Broadband study shows that the time an average user spent on social media in 2019 would be equivalent to six years and eight months per user. The study goes on to reveal that the average social media users spend more time on online social networking than actually in-person socializing. Listening to others in conversation can be more difficult than reading their response on-screen. However, as an entrepreneur, both speaking and listening are in-person conversation skills that you must master. A University of Missouri study showed that we only retain one-fourth of what we hear, but as an entrepreneur listening to the needs of your target audience can...

Oct 23, 2019