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Nathan Brown Is Making His Mark In Houston, TX, As A Franchisee Of A New Orleans-Inspired Coffee Shop

Nathan Brown is the proud franchisee of a New Orleans, LA-inspired coffee shop. However, he didn’t grow up as a coffee consumer. Instead, the graduate of Indiana’s Ball State University developed the interest while working for a Big Four accounting firm, which he described as a “grind house.” “Working late hours pretty regularly, a part of the culture developed into a habit, and I became an avid coffee drinker,” Brown, 33, told AFROTECH in an interview. “As the years went by, I got more into quality. So, I started off getting any sugared-down caffeine I could find. Then, I graduated to drinking black coffee. Then, I started to be able to decipher the taste of coffee.” Brown moved from Indiana to Texas in 2015 and became a homeowner four years later. While living in Third Ward, a neighborhood in Houston, TX, he discovered the nearest coffee shop was a 15-minute drive. He then felt led to open a coffee shop closer to home, and it became possible with the help of a family member and...

Samantha Dorisca

Feb 21, 2024

Two Black Families Partner To Open Coffee Shop In Chicago

Creating a family legacy is the aim of the founders of Urban Essentials Coffee Cafe.

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 18, 2023