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=SPACE is Providing Free Digital Resources to Black and Brown Founders

Black businesses have taken a huge hit due to COVID-19, but some are taking action to support other Black business owners during this time. =SPACE , a Black-owned co-working space for multicultural entrepreneurs, has just launched its new digital programming nationwide to provide resources for those affected by the health crisis. This new digital programming streams weekly on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in the form of meditation and wellness sessions, skill-building workshops around securing funding, marketing, and content creation, and other interactive services for business owners to take part in. According to a press release, Medina, founder of =SPACE, said: “=SPACE has created a response to COVID-19 that brings access and resources to our community. There has never been more of a need for us to assist small businesses of color in developing new tools, 1 on 1 coaching and guidance through available funding options. As the founder of =SPACE, I know that it takes three times...

Njera Perkins

May 27, 2020