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Exclusive: Allyson Felix May Have Had Her Last Race, But She's Far From The Finish Line As She Approaches Her 'Next Great Challenge'

It’s looking like just the beginning as Allyson Felix is not finished just yet. Earlier this month, Felix — the most decorated track athlete in history — graced the field for the final time. Although her decision to retire was not easy, she looks forward to championing her legacy off the field in what she calls her “next great challenge.” In an exclusive interview with AfroTech, Felix affirms why she believes it was time to step away. “I felt so fulfilled throughout my career. It has been difficult to step away just because I am so passionate. I love competing so much, but I also knew that it was the right time. I knew that I wanted to move toward other things that I was passionate about as well,” Felix said. “I think it’ll be challenging since I don’t have that. I think there is a sense of loss, because the thing that I’ve spent the last 20 years doing, I’ll miss it, but I’m also excited to fulfill that area with other work that I’m interested in doing.”

Aug 23, 2022

NBA's Donovan Mitchell, Clorox Pledge $1M To Prep The Superheroes We Call 'Teachers' For Success

If there’s one thing that Donovan Mitchell believes wholeheartedly, it’s that teachers make the world go round! The NBA player is the product of an educator. So, he witnessed firsthand the role that teachers play in society. Now, he’s joined Clorox’s mission to give back to those who have dedicated their time to transforming lives through education. He explains how the move is a cause that’s near and dear to him. “It means the world to me because my mom is a teacher, and we were at the same school for most of my early years. So, I grew a fond appreciation for teachers through that,” he said during an interview with AfroTech. “Seeing her work through quarantine and seeing how much time and effort was put into her craft and what she did, like spending money out of her own pocket made me go ‘man, I can only imagine what most teachers are doing on the day to day.’” According to research conducted by the Clorox® brand, 70 percent of teachers had to teach without the supplies needed...

Sep 9, 2021