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Meet Rodney Priestley, The Engineer Who Was Just Appointed Dean Of Princeton University’s Graduate School

Rodney Priestley has worked his way from engineer to dean. In a press release, it was announced that Princeton University’s Graduate School has appointed Rodney Priestley as its dean, following just two years after Priestley became the vice dean for innovation at the prestigious university. “My interest in becoming dean of Princeton’s Graduate School originates with my own personal experience of graduate school,” said Rodney Priestley, according to a press release. “The mentorship, encouragement and support I received has enabled every goal I have reached throughout my career. My advisers’ belief in me has always inspired me to give back to others to whatever extent possible.” He added: “I’m really, really excited to be able to serve a wide range of graduate students, and hopefully impact their graduate education in a manner that they have an experience that’s as good as the one that I did.”

Mar 10, 2022