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NBA Legend Charles Smith Talks About Bolstering Business Plays For Pros Transitioning to New Careers

In his NBA prime, Charles Smith was an Olympic athlete who took home both a gold and a bronze medal, and played as a power forward for the likes of the Los Angeles Clippers, the New York Knicks, and the San Antonio Spurs. Today, however, Smith is bringing his talents from the basketball court to the boardroom thanks to his new partnership with Fierce Conversations. And, he says, he specializes in mentoring professionals who are looking to change careers. “Fierce Conversations has over 250 blue-chip companies as clients,” he told AfroTech. “I am a Master Facilitator helping companies increase their bottom line through effective communications. What gets talked about in a company, how it gets talked about, and who is invited to the conversation determines what will happen and what won’t happen. The skills have changed my life professionally and personally. I understand the Fierce technology virtual training solutions because the learning process is similar to my portfolio of patents...