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These Women Want The World To Experience Emojis With Afros

Emojis have become a social phenomenon. These simple, bitesize illustrations have shifted the way people communicate digitally and have become a vital method of conveying emotion and imagery.  Now, two designers want to make sure Black hairstyles are included in them. Rhianna Jones and Kerrilyn Gibson are trying to bring Afromojis to the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit that makes the ultimate decisions on emojis. The two are currently working to get 5,000 signatures on their petition to be selected in Unicode’s 2020 slate of emojis. So far, the petition has 3,600 signatures. Unicode accepts 70 new emojis a year, according to the New York Times. Jones has deep roots in the fashion industry and Gibson is a graphic designer who has experience in sales for a jewelry company. The duo wants to use their experience to create emojis that reflect the various hairstyles and hair textures of people from the Diaspora. “Many Black, Afro-Latinx and diasporic users like myself don’t...

Arriana McLymore

Mar 29, 2019