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Flo Rida To Launch Energy Drink Following $82M Victory Against Celsius

We’ve heard the phrase , “if you can’t beat them join them.” However, that doesn’t apply to Flo Rida.

Mar 13, 2023

Flo Rida Makes Statement After $82M Win In Lawsuit Against Celsius: 'God Is Good, In Jesus' Name'

As the saints (and Flo Rida) say, “God is good, in Jesus’ name.” Tramar Dillard, more commonly known as Flo Rida, celebrated a significant victory after a court ruling.

Jan 18, 2023

Flo Rida Accuses Celsius Of Withholding Bonuses And Stock Options After Helping To Popularize The Brand

Flo Rida is reportedly taking popular drink company Celsius to court. According to Insider, the rapper, born Tramar Dillard, filed his initial lawsuit against Celsius in 2021, citing that they breached their 2014 contract.

Jan 9, 2023