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Federal Agencies Test 'Micro-Jamming' Cell phones In A South Carolina Prison

When it comes to prisons, officers talk about all types of contraband — a category that’s massive and can encompass just about anything. Cell phones continue to come up as a cause for concern. Now, the government is testing a new method of control. For five days, the Federal Bureau of Prisons conducted a test for micro-jamming contraband cell phones at the Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia, South Carolina. Micro-jamming refers to disrupting phone signals in a very precise area. The Department of Justice cites concerns around safety when it comes to contraband cell phones, like the shooting of Robert Johnson . In that case, a hit was ordered by an inmate who had access to a cell phone. “While I served as United States Attorney of Maryland, my office prosecuted an inmate who used a smuggled cellphone to order the murder of an innocent witness,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said. “Contraband cellphones in correctional facilities pose a grave danger.  We stand...

Vanessa Taylor

Apr 16, 2019