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OnePass, A Nigerian Startup Resolving Cart Abandonment Issues, Closes $1M Pre-Seed Round

Online shopping can be a breeze when you’re a pro. However, even the savviest online shoppers can find online checkout experiences to be extraneous. In fact, 7 out of every 10 customers will abandon their cart due to difficulties, according to Sleek Note. Since checkout concerns hit home for founder Samuel Eze — who observed the frustration of his mother’s shopping experiences — he decided to found Nigerian startup OnePass to rectify e-commerce checkout problems. “I watched my mother struggle to shop online where I saw her set up multiple accounts on different platforms while going through a rigorous checkout process,” Eze shared with TechCrunch. “In many cases, she ended up dropping the card and moving on to a different online store. Seeing the same pattern happen with other friends and family, I had to dive into it and found that it was actually a major headache for consumers and online retailers.” To ease the headache, Eze designed a platform that allows shoppers to navigate...

Sep 10, 2021