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Product Management Pimpin: Amazon's Kimberley Holloway Has Mastered The Art Of Pivoting, And You Can Too

Pivoting has become a common theme for the working class since the health crisis hit last March. Many professionals found themselves tapping into their unique skills to make career changes, and arguably every leadership team quickly pivoted business models to continue serving customers. But pivoting can be two-fold. Some pivot because they see an opportunity for change, while others may be forced to — depending on the industry they work in. Either way, product management guru Kimberley Holloway embraces the art of pivoting, and she gathered some strategies. And, if you’re looking to make career changes the right way , she will expand on this topic during AfroTech 2021. Secure a ticket to the conference today. View this post on Instagram A post shared by AfroTech ( Holloway’s resume spans a decade of experience. She’s worked in product management at big-name companies, including The Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, Samsung and NortonLifeLock. “Pivoting is not easy, but...

Michelai Graham

Oct 26, 2021

How to Change Careers if You've Been Laid Off

Career switching isn’t uncommon. And to be able to transition from your current career while building the skills and network you’ll need after-hours is ideal . But what if you find yourself suddenly out of work, with experience in a declining industry with no current job openings? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Many workers face this challenge during recessions and industry downturns. Faced with a sudden loss of income, mounting bills, and few job prospects, they must quickly select a new career path, upgrade their skills, and repackage themselves to compete effectively for jobs. If you’re unemployed and considering a new career, here’s how you should approach your career switch. Maximize Your Income The more financial stress you’re under, the harder it will be to transition successfully. So first, maximize your income, especially if you don’t have enough savings to fall back on. File for unemployment, and any other benefits for which you may qualify. Scrounge up part-time work ,...


Jul 14, 2020

How to Master the Art of Showing Up For Yourself

Visibility creates opportunity especially for people looking to build a brand. However, opportunity only comes to those who consistently show up for themselves. From putting yourself first and honoring your choices to trusting yourself to figure it out as you go along, you have to show up for yourself before you expect other people to show up for you. Another major factor at play? Controlling where your mind wanders. Although everyone’s journey is unique, if you’re ambitious and career-driven, you’ll reach a point where fear, judgment, comparison, and feelings of not being good enough may become overwhelming. The key is not to transform your thoughts and feelings into bad habits that hurt your progress. Sure, at any given moment you can lose everything, but nobody can take your attitude or your effort — unless you allow it. If you’re ready to show up for yourself, here are a few weekly habits to embrace. Create Before You Consume When you wake up in the morning, don’t grab your...

Kandia Johnson

Jan 7, 2020

A How-to Guide For Having Difficult Conversations at Work

In theory, people who hold leadership positions should be able to communicate with anyone. The reality is, many leaders are uncomfortable communicating — especially with their employees. A Harris Poll revealed 69 percent of managers find it difficult giving direct feedback about employee performance. Demonstrating vulnerability, recognizing employee achievements, crediting others, and giving clear direction was also noted. Companies are more productive and successful when expectations are clear and positive coworker relationships exist. If conversations are not taking place, there’s a culture and productivity killer in the workplace. From giving feedback on the poor quality of work to explaining why a team member is not demonstrating company values, managers — as well as business owners –need to know how to have difficult conversations. Here’s a guide on how to handle difficult conversations at work; Prepare The more prepared you are, the easier it is to manage your emotions,...

Kandia Johnson

Jan 3, 2020

How to Lead a Fulfilling Career By Finding Your Niche

In almost every industry, there are several paths to success. For example, legal, medical, engineering, and journalism professions all have different specialties from which to choose. As a lawyer, you can decide to focus on family law, finance law, or even technology law. Since transitioning to writing full-time, I’m continuously asked about my specialty, and this has forced me to think long and hard about the trajectory of my career. Here are some discoveries I’ve made along the way: Think About What You Used to Love as a Kid This may sound overly simplistic but, hear me out. Over the past few weeks, I’ve interviewed several Silicon Valley success stories. They are engineers, product designers, and vice presidents at some of the biggest technology companies. Despite their varying professional and personal backgrounds, they’ve all had at least one thing in common — they turned their childhood obsessions into their careers. Every single person I’ve interviewed has spoken of the daily...

Colleen Williams

Oct 18, 2019

Spotify To Hold Job Recruiting Event At NYC Headquarters

Interested in learning about cool job opportunities at Spotify? Look no further; we have you covered! Spotify will host a recruiting event in New York City on June 29 at the Spotify headquarters for individuals who are interested in learning about fantastic job opportunities at the company. Since launching in 2006, Spotify prides itself in making music accessible for people all over the world. Partnering with Afrotech helps Spotify continue its goal of searching for bright, diverse individuals to join the team and help continue its mission. There are so many perks in working for Spotify, especially in New York City. Employees can enjoy the city’s great music, food, culture and sunny weather. There’s an office roof terrace where employees can enjoy an amazing view and participate in the company’s social events. Just as Spotify offers diversity in music, the company actively promotes diversity in the workplace. Spotify believes diversity and inclusion drive innovation, and it also...

Brianna Rhodes

Jun 20, 2018