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How to Lead a Fulfilling Career By Finding Your Niche

In almost every industry, there are several paths to success. For example, legal, medical, engineering, and journalism professions all have different specialties from which to choose. As a lawyer, you can decide to focus on family law, finance law, or even technology law. Since transitioning to writing full-time, I’m continuously asked about my specialty, and this has forced me to think long and hard about the trajectory of my career. Here are some discoveries I’ve made along the way: Think About What You Used to Love as a Kid This may sound overly simplistic but, hear me out. Over the past few weeks, I’ve interviewed several Silicon Valley success stories. They are engineers, product designers, and vice presidents at some of the biggest technology companies. Despite their varying professional and personal backgrounds, they’ve all had at least one thing in common — they turned their childhood obsessions into their careers. Every single person I’ve interviewed has spoken of the daily...

Oct 18, 2019

Five Steps to Making The Reverse Career Transition Without Going Broke

Are you thinking about turning your side hustle into your full-time gig? The idea of chucking it all to pursue your dreams can be downright intoxicating. However, if you’re planning to give up a stable income to turn your passions into a business, you need to have a plan. You should probably take a few precautionary measures to avoid going broke. Pay Off High-Interest Debt Pay off any credit card or other high-interest debt before giving up your stable income source. Interest can add up quickly, and when your income takes a plunge, it will become even more challenging to pay off your balances. Mounting credit card debt can add unnecessary stress and distract your focus from building your business. Minimize Living Expenses When you leave a stable job to become an entrepreneur, you may not know when your next paycheck will come. Sometimes it takes months, or years, for your business to turn a profit. In the meantime, you don’t want high living expenses looming over your head every...

Sep 25, 2019