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Inside The Estimate That Says Michelle Obama Drove $2.7B To The Retail Sector — And Grew Company Stocks By 2.3 Percent

Michelle Obama is a historic First Lady. As the first Black woman to ever hold the coveted title, the woman born Michelle LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, IL, was put under a microscope almost from the moment her husband, President Barack Obama, took office. Fortunately, however, Mrs. Obama handled the newfound pressure with her trademark grace. “Being the first Black anything is gonna be hard,” she told Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America.” “I knew, as the first Black first lady, I couldn’t presume anything … I’d have to earn my grace.” Today, Michelle Obama has more than “earned her grace.” As AfroTech previously reported, she’s earned a $70 million net worth, inked a separate deal with Spotify for her own podcast, hosted voter drives to encourage young people to vote, and even got inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. And that’s just the beginning. But where Mrs. Obama really shines is in her ability to influence markets. More than just being a “pretty face” to look...