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James Harden Releases New Fragrance Through Body Care Line Co-Founded By The Late Kobe Bryant

James Harden is tipping his hat to the immortal Black Mamba. According to Boardroom TV, the Brooklyn Nets superstar has just released a new fragrance through Art of Sport that pays tribute to its co-founder — the late, great Kobe Bryant. The outlet reports that James Harden worked throughout 2021 on the packaging, coloring, and scent of the fragrance, which he ultimately called “Defy.” Defy is the second fragrance to ever come out by Art of Sport, with the first being “Victory,” released in 2019. “I named my signature fragrance Defy for every person chasing a dream,” James Harden said in a statement released to the outlet. “I challenge you to keep going until your dreams come true. I picked fragrances to create a smell that’s bold, luxurious, and uplifting. For the packaging color, I wanted something that spoke to Kobe and LA. LA raised me, you can say it raised Kobe, and Art of Sport was born in LA. This one’s for you, Bean! This one’s for the city!” Art of Sport / Steven Counts...

You Better Work: How Tyra Banks Catwalked Her Way Into A $90M Net Worth

When Tyra Banks announced that she was bringing a tech-friendly theme park focused on modeling to California, the tech world sat up and took notice. As AfroTech reported, ModelLand will be somewhat like a theme park with augmented and virtual reality games and attractions. While ModelLand doesn’t have an opening date yet, according to Variety, it is also set to have food and shopping vendors, making it ideal for visitors of all ages. Despite its name, ModelLand is inclusive— not just for those looking to enter into the fashion scene — its goal is to redefine beauty standards through tech. “I am being very deliberate to make sure this is something families can come to,” Banks said. “I’m not creating this to service people who want to become models or are models.” And that was just the first of many accomplishments by Tyra Banks over the course of a career that first began nearly 30 years ago. Through her boundary-breaking hard work in the modeling industry — which she eventually...

10 Black-Owned Businesses Endorsed By Beyoncé & Her Black Parade Route Marketplace

Beyoncé shook the table — as she always does — when she announced that she opened up the Black Parade Route marketplace to highlight and support Black-owned businesses across the country. According to CNN, the goal was to highlight Black-owned businesses across different industries, including restaurants, beauty, arts and design, as well as multiple fashion brands from different countries in Africa. To celebrate these businesses further, Beyoncé dropped “Black Parade” to further highlight the achievements of these remarkable men and women, who overcame so much adversity to see their dreams come to fruition. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) “Happy Juneteenth Weekend! I hope we continue to share the joy and celebrate each other, even in the midst of struggle. Please continue to remember our beauty, strength, and power,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “‘BLACK PARADE’ celebrates you, your voice, and your joy and will benefit Black-owned small...

The Business Of Kyrie Irving: How The NBA Star Amassed A $90M Net Worth While Paying It Forward

Born in Australia but raised in New Jersey, Kyrie Irving was destined for a basketball career. His father, Dredrick, was a college basketball player himself, who went on to play professional basketball in Australia after his college career was over. It was his father who inspired him to become a basketball player, himself. “I’m probably one of the most competitive people ever,” Irving told Yahoo back in 2011. “I want to go out there and destroy people, honestly. It’s fun to me. It comes mainly from my father.” But while his father got his start at Boston University, Kyrie Irving got his start at Duke University, where he quickly began standing out as the superstar he would eventually become. Ultimately, he decided to forgo his final three seasons of eligibility, and submitted himself for the 2011 NBA draft. He was a first-round pick, and was drafted to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Today, though, Kyrie Irving is a point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, and according to Celebrity Net Worth,...

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Accountant

When you started your business , you may have been looking for ways to save as much as possible. Perhaps you’ve considered hiring an accountant but can’t seem to justify the extra expense. However, you could actually be saving your business money in the long run. Below are 4 reasons why you should hire an accountant for your small business. 1. SAVE MONEY Accountants are experts in taxes. That means when tax time rolls around, you’ll be able to save money through tax breaks and deductions. In fact, in a survey of about 400 small business owners, over half of them believed they overpay in taxes each year. That same survey showed that accountants are the most important professionals for small businesses — ahead of attorneys. 2. REAP BENEFITS FROM GOOD BOOKKEEPING There are likely lots of other things you’d rather do than perform the mundane tasks of collecting records, reconciling accounts, and everything else involved in bookkeeping. Hiring an accountant can save you from this work...


Dec 1, 2020

Entrepreneur Will Lee Launched A Black-Owned Luxury Yacht Business During Lockdown

When lockdowns began in early 2020, Will Lee took the opportunity to go on a much-needed vacation. He went to Tulum, Mexico to decompress by the beach. While in Tulum, Lee booked a yacht experience with a local company and noticed something peculiar: the luxury yacht services didn’t seem to cater to Black customers. From there, he decided to curate an experience specifically for the Black consumer. This includes carefully selecting drinks, food, music, and experiences that Black customers want. According to Lee, the business took off rapidly, far exceeding his expectations. “Within the first month of operating, we were able to close over 30k in revenue,” he said. According to Lee, Yacht Club Company has already hosted several celebrity clients including Meg Thee Stallion, Trey Songz, and Johnny Venus of EarthGang. Now their three-man team — including co-founder, Jon Roberts, and head of partnerships, Ryan Fletcher —  is setting their sights higher. “As we continue to develop our...

Colleen Williams

Nov 12, 2020

Where Small Business Owners Say COVID-19 Hasn’t Hurt Business

The coronavirus pandemic pushed 45.7 million Americans to file for unemployment benefits at some point during the crisis, but some U.S. companies have not seen a negative impact on business as usual. The Census Bureau surveyed small business owners on the effects of the pandemic. LendingTree researchers analyzed the results to determine where business owners are feeling minimal ramifications. Business owners in the South and Southeast were most likely to report no negative effects resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. Key findings States where the COVID-19 pandemic has had minimal impact on businesses Methodology Key findings Louisville tops our list with 17.9% of business owners reporting no negative effects on operations. About 3% of entrepreneurs in Louisville say the pandemic has had a positive impact on their business. Virginia Beach takes the No. 2 spot — 16.6% of business owners have not been negatively impacted . Phoenix rounds out the top three with 16.1% of business owners...

Lending Tree

Jul 31, 2020

Demographics of Business Owners in Hardest-Hit Industries During Coronavirus Pandemic

Young entrepreneurs are disproportionately suffering in the U.S. industries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. LendingTree researchers found that 45% of businesses with owners younger than 25 years old are in industries with unemployment rates higher than the national average of 13% in May. That figure jumps to nearly 47% for business owners between the ages of 25 and 34. These hardest-hit sectors make up 40% of all businesses in the U.S. Many of these nonessential businesses closed their doors at some point in recent months to obey government mandates meant to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Most are reopening — as of this writing, about eight in 10 businesses in the U.S. are fully or partially open as local authorities ease restrictions. Key findings Young business owners operate in high-risk industries Asian business owners vulnerable to pandemic effects Methodology Key findings Across every industry, the majority of business owners are white and male — 85% of business...

Lending Tree

Jul 29, 2020

Places With the Most At-Risk Businesses During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has crashed the U.S. economy and brought certain industries to a near standstill —  including retail, entertainment, food and accommodations. Cities that have traditionally relied on these sectors to employ their citizens may be particularly vulnerable. A new LendingTree study ranks the 100 U.S. metro areas with the most retail establishments to see which ones stand to feel the biggest pinch. Researchers found that mid-sized cities are at greatest risk. Six of the top 10 cities are in the Sunbelt. Key findings Myrtle Beach, S.C. ,  has the highest concentration — 35.4% — of local businesses in the retail , entertainment, and food and accommodations sectors (the U.S. Census Bureau groups food services and accommodations as one sector). Salisbury, Md., is in second place . Nearly one-third of all businesses here (32.3%) are in one of the affected industries. Scranton, Pa., comes in third with 28.8% of establishments in vulnerable industries . Larger cities...

Lending Tree

Apr 23, 2020

71% of Small Business Owners Fear They’ll Never Recover From Pandemic Losses

Despite the news that loan relief with extremely low interest is on the way, it’s unclear if it’ll be enough to save entrepreneurs hit hard by COVID-19. A new LendingTree survey of more than 1,200 small business owners found that 71% worry they’ll never recover from the downturn. Business owners are holding on by a thread as more governors join the long list of states closing non-essential businesses. Nearly half of small business owners have temporarily closed their businesses, our survey found. They have also laid off workers or reduced their hours and sought funding, often unsuccessfully, to stay afloat. Key findings 71% of small business owners are worried their business will never recoup the losses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Business owners in the accommodation/food service and retail trade sectors are among the most likely to fear for their company’s future. Nearly half — 47% — of small business owners surveyed have taken on debt to keep their business afloat...

Lending Tree

Apr 15, 2020

Cannabis Business Booming Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus has the whole country on edge. While many Americans are busy stocking up on toilet paper and other household products, others are stocking up on marijuana. To help ease their minds during this chaotic time, Americans are turning to CBD and THC products to relieve their stress. According to the Hollywood Reporter , in the last couple of days, cannabis businesses in Los Angeles and New York have seen a huge surge in sales. The anxiety of growing COVID-19 cases across the globe is sending people into a panic. “People are in scarcity mode. The streets are emptier, but specific businesses like grocery stores and dispensaries are seeing more people than usual — and people are stocking up and purchasing in bulk,” Steve Lilak, the head of sales for California cannabis company NUG , said. For cannabis company Caliva , where rapper Jay-Z serves as the Chief Brand Strategist, they’ve reportedly seen double-digit growth for the month of March. “We have seen an increase in our...

Njera Perkins

Mar 16, 2020

How to Create a Small Business Marketing Budget

A marketing budget for small businesses can keep spending on track as you promote your business . “Assuming you have a good marketing strategy and plan in place, it can truly fuel your growth as a business in a way that outbound sales cannot,” said Lyndsey Maddox, from Digital Third Coast, an online marketing firm. Continue reading to learn how to create a marketing budget and strategy for your small business. How to create a marketing budget Sample marketing budget for small businesses Maximizing your marketing budget How to create a marketing budget The amount of money you spend on marketing depends on the results you want to achieve, such as growing your revenue by a certain percentage. Before you start pouring funds into a campaign, follow these steps to create an effective strategy as you set a budget. Set up your marketing strategy To expand your reach, you first need to understand your existing — or prospective — customer base, said Maddox, who is director of business...

Lending Tree

Jan 23, 2020

Tips for Getting Out of Business Debt

When your business needs funding, it might be necessary to apply for a loan or other type of financing. But debt has a downside. Once you borrow, getting out of business loan debt could slow growth or prevent you from borrowing again in the future. “Debt can be an integral component to scaling your business, but it’s absolutely critical it’s used for the right reasons and in the right proportions,” said Mike Hennessy, founder of Harbor Crest Wealth Advisors. We’ll help you understand how to responsibly use and repay financing so you can get your business out of debt. How to get out of business debt Reduce your recurring expenses. Look for opportunities to refinance. Increase revenue. How debt can help or hurt your business Preventing a cycle of business loan debt How to get out of business debt Here are a few strategies to follow to get out of — and stay out of — business debt. Reduce your recurring expenses. You may be only spending on necessities if you have small business debt,...

Lending Tree

Dec 9, 2019