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Small Business Insurance: The 10 Types You May Need

Purchasing insurance for your small business may seem like a daunting task. It’s important that you buy the right amount so you’re not underinsured if problems arise or paying too much for coverage you don’t need. To determine what’s essential, consider the value of your company’s assets, including property, equipment and inventory. Several types of insurance policies exist to help you protect what’s most important. You also may be legally required to buy certain kinds of insurance based on state laws. Continue reading to learn about common types of small business insurance that entrepreneurs should consider purchasing. We’ll help you figure out what’s right for your business. 10 types of small business insurance When lining up insurance for your small business, consider choosing from the following types of policies. 1. General liability insurance General liability insurance provides coverage that protects businesses from property damage and bodily injury claims, as well as certain...

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Jan 6, 2020