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California Inmates Raise Over $30K For A Student in Need After Meeting Through A Book Club

Two very different worlds have collided and you’ll never believe how! California’s Soledad State Prison and an elite private school, Palma School, have joined forces — through their love for reading. According to CNN, the prep school for boys in Salina, California created a partnership with the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) at the prison which includes a reading group for both the high school students and the inmates. This has allowed the two groups to merge not only to share their love for reading but to develop and learn a greater understanding of each other. Now, the reading group has soared to new heights. After a Palma student was unable to pay the $1,200 monthly tuition after having not one, but two parents suffer a medical emergency, the inmates stepped up to help. “I didn’t believe it at first,” shared Jim Michelleti, the English and Theology teacher behind the reading program. “They said, ‘We value you guys coming in. We’d like to do something for your school… can...

Dec 17, 2020