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Over 50 Businesses to Shop Via Instagram in Honor of #BlackoutDay2020

Next to Juneteenth, Blackout Day is the second biggest unofficial holiday for Black Americans to wield their economic power and support Black-owned businesses. This year, social media activism has taken on a new meaning and any and every user has taken to their platforms to speak out on behalf of racial injustice in America and spread educational messages to further the agenda of multiple movements striving to campaign for equity in America. Today, July 7 — formally recognized as #BlackoutDay2020 — is a day dedicated to fostering economic solidarity in response to the continued global uprising against racial injustice. The largest initiative to come out of this unified economic movement is the outpouring support of Black businesses with an added emphasis on circulating the Black dollar. Organized by Calvin Martyr — founder of the Blackout Coalition — #BlackoutDay2020 encourages consumers to exclusively support Black-owned businesses, and avoid spending any money outside the Black...

Jul 7, 2020

#BlackoutDay2020: Can Capitalism Save Our Community?

Economic solidarity within the Black community has always been touted as the answer to our liberation. Alongside banking Black and buying Black, today’s social media campaign, Blackout Day 2020, is another movement that aims to fight against economic injustice. Created by Calvin Martyr, founder of the Blackout Coalition , Blackout Day 2020 is a call for Black people to boycott spending their money for a full 24 hours in order to show the impact of our spending power. In the event that making a purchase is unavoidable—gas, toilet paper, groceries, etc.—supporters are urged to buy from a Black-owned business. “We need economic solidarity in America amongst all black people unequivocally,” the main Blackout Day site reads . “In order to break free from the chains of financial servility, we will organize days, weeks, months, and years if necessary when not one black person in America will spend a dollar outside of our community.” However, anti-capitalists have argued to replace, not...

Jul 7, 2020