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And You Don't Stop: These Are The Most-Followed Black TikTokers

When people think of Black TikTok stars, perhaps Jason Derulo isn’t high on the list. After all, when we were all first introduced to Derulo, we knew him as a music star. “I was never really a social media guy because Twitter and Instagram didn’t really speak to me,” he said to Variety. “And when it started, TikTok was more of a dance app, and I tried a challenge or two. But because I was at home, I started to experiment with it. More than half of the top TikTok videos are comedy, so I’d post things and be like, ‘OK, they don’t respond to this, but they seem to like that,’ and learned what made it tick,” he laughs, “for lack of a better word. And it all just kinda exploded.” But thanks to the popular social media app, Derulo has enjoyed a bit of a career renaissance. He has 49.6 million followers on TikTok as of this writing, and he shows no signs of slowing down. But Derulo is far from the only one doing his thing on the popular social media app. In fact, these Black TikTok stars...