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Practical Steps To Consider Before Becoming A Salesperson In Tech

The old saying goes, “it takes money to make money.” That sentiment is usually engrained in the idea that much economic success does not occur without some investment. But how does investment happen? A straightforward answer to that question is sales. Many of a particular generation remember when someone in our family sold a home good or cosmetic product (shout out to all the Mary Kay reps). This was likely the first introduction to the sales industry. But beyond the aunties that were hustling their products, sales have always existed in and around people. From big corporate companies to nonprofits and the tech industry – securing contracts, partnerships, and investment is a result of the work of people who are a part of sales teams. While the job market is all over the place, the sales industry is positioned to remain intact. But it does not come without challenges. Due to the potential for professionals to have lucrative careers, the demand for the industry has been consistent...

Josh Rodgers

Feb 9, 2023