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Darnell Atkins Goes Against Gender Norms and Enters Billion-Dollar Nail Industry

Nail salons in the U.S. generate over $5 billion annually with manicures and pedicures ranking in the top three nail services offered , according to Statista. Simply put, the nail industry is a cash-making machine. With only 2 percent of nail technicians being Black — UCLA Labor Center reveals — and a smaller portion of that number being Black men, Darnell Atkins is a nail tech unicorn. Atkins — founder of Nen10doe’s Table —  decided to go into the nail business after returning home from a stint in the Navy and finding it difficult to secure steady employment, according to Black Enterprise. “I resorted back to a couple of hustles,” Atkins told WUSA-9 . “But in the midst of me resorting back, I always found myself in front of a Black-owned nail salon. All the hustlers would gravitate towards this area because that is where all the pretty girls were.” After realizing the potential profits from a single pedicure, Atkins set his sights on...

Jul 13, 2020