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70-Year-Old Gloria Stowers Obtains A Degree From Georgia's Kennesaw State University

Gloria Stowers was looking to break a generational pattern. At 70, she has now become a college graduate!

Samantha Dorisca

Jan 4, 2024

Triplets Graduate Together With Nursing Degrees From South University in Alabama

These siblings are a triple threat! WSFA-12 reports Jean, Jeanet and Jeanice Stephenson have earned a nursing degree from South University in Montgomery, AL. What’s more, their mother, who had previously worked as a nurse, was the motivator for their educational journey and milestone.

Samantha Dorisca

Jan 3, 2024

101-Year-Old Sarah Simpkins Is On Track To Graduate College Alongside Her Granddaughter In 2024

101-year-old Sarah Simpkins is on track to obtain a college degree alongside her granddaughter.

Samantha Dorisca

Dec 27, 2023

Anheuser-Busch Foundation Donates $200K To UNCF To Help HBCU Students Graduate

Thanks to this partnership, students will receive funding to ensure they will reach the finish line at their university. According to a press release, the Anheuser-Busch Foundation has donated $200,000 to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) for the second year in a row. The investment will allocate up to $2,500 for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) who need funding to fulfill their degree requirements. In 2021, 69 students were awarded financial assistance to walk across the graduation stage. “I would like to sincerely thank UNCF and Anheuser-Busch Foundation for the scholarship which enabled me to become a LeMoyne-Owen College graduate,” said Braxton Miller, a biology major at the college, in a statement. “I want to truly thank UNCF and Anheuser-Busch. You saved me when I had to pay for not one but two courses I had to take. You truly and honestly blessed me,” James Wilson, a Benedict College graduate who majored in criminal justice...

Samantha Dorisca

Jun 14, 2022

14-Year-Old Shania Muhammad To Graduate With Honors From Two Colleges

Graduating college at the age of 14 is one thing, but graduating from two schools is another. Shania Muhammad will be walking across the stage for her graduation ceremony at Oklahoma Community College and Langston University. What’s more, the teen will graduate with honors, News 9 reports.  

Samantha Dorisca

May 25, 2022

Zindzi Thompson Set To Make History As The Youngest Black Woman To Graduate From Meharry Medical College

At 21-years-old, Zindzi Thompson will reportedly make history as the youngest Black female to graduate from Meharry Medical College.  

Samantha Dorisca

May 24, 2022

Slutty Vegan Founder Pinky Cole Provides Clark Atlanta University's Graduating Class Of 2022 With LLCs

The graduating class of Clark Atlanta University will have a head start as they embark on their next chapter thanks to well-known alumni!

Samantha Dorisca

May 16, 2022

Meet Dr. Jalaal Hayes, A STEAM Advocate Who Earned His Doctorate In Applied Chemistry At Age 22

When Dr. Jalaal Hayes started his educational journey, he didn’t know it would lead him on the path to becoming the youngest person to hold a doctorate degree in applied chemistry from Delaware State University (DSU). Dr. Hayes was only 22-years-old when he earned his doctorate degree from DSU in December 2015, and he was the youngest candidate in the Historically Black College and University’s 124-year history. The road to this accomplishment wasn’t always the smoothest for him, and at times, he even doubted he’d make it here. “The hardest part was staying focused and reminding myself of the goal,” Dr. Hayes told AfroTech. “That goal was graduating college, so I just made sure I didn’t have time to get distracted.” Dr. Hayes went to George Washington Carver School of Engineering and Science in Philadelphia. He describes this as one of the premiere science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) schools in the city, since you had to apply and test into it. When he was...

Michelai Graham

May 19, 2021

USF's Dr. Shamaria Engram Makes History As First Black Woman to Graduate From CSE Doctoral Program

Black graduates are still making history in the new year. This week, Tampa Bay native Dr. Shamaria Engram marked a historic milestone as the first Black woman to graduate from the University of South Florida’s Computer Science and Engineering doctoral program, WFLA reports. In the 40-plus years that USF’s Computer Science and Engineering doctoral program has been around, no Black woman has graduated with such a degree, but thanks to Dr. Engram that has since changed. Dr. Engram recalls growing up often times being the only Black person in the room having attended Strawberry Crest High School — which was known as a predominately white school. “You kind of have to put on this face because you don’t want someone to look at you differently,” she told WFLA . “You want them to consider you as smart as everyone else in the room.” After graduating high school, she went on to attend Bethune Cookman University, an HBCU located in Daytona Beach. Throughout her undergraduate career, she grew...

Njera Perkins

Jan 7, 2021

First Black Student to Integrate Auburn University Earns His Master's 51 Years Later

An 87-year-old college graduate — Harold Franklin Sr. — has endured a long battle on his educational journey to earn his master’s degree and 51 years later he can finally say he’s obtained it. On Jan. 4, 1964, the then-graduate student stepped onto Auburn University’s campus as the first Black student to integrate their campus in pursuit of his master’s degree, Face 2 Face Africa reports . Upon his arrival, the university denied Franklin admission and a dorm room to which the Talladega native followed through with a lawsuit. Back in 1963, Federal Judge Frank Johnson ruled that Auburn allow him to enroll. However, his master’s thesis was repeatedly rejected up until 1969, preventing him from earning his degree. “I thought I did a good job on the thesis,” Franklin told . “One professor told me mine had to be perfect. I came back and made the adjustments they suggested.” “They still complained about this or that. I had been to the thesis room and read the white kids’ thesis,” he...

Njera Perkins

Aug 20, 2020

98-Year-Old Vivian Fisher Just Achieved Her Dream of Graduating High School

Never underestimate a Black woman’s drive for success. Vivian Fisher, a 98-year-old woman from California, achieved her lifelong dream recently graduating high school. According to Black News , as part of Monrovia High School’s Class of 2020, Fisher received her diploma alongside her great-grandnephew, Elijah Vance, in a drive-thru ceremony. Vance’s father rented a van for the entire family to ensure everyone could make it to see both of them graduate. “We had 12 people in there so we loaded it up everybody was able to come that wanted to come,” said Jason Vance, Vivian’s great-nephew, to KABC . Fisher wasn’t able to graduate high school in her youth because she worked multiple jobs to support her family. Her dream of graduating has been 82 years in the making, but she never let time stop her. “This graduation ceremony will go down as one of the most unique and exceptional graduations that this school has had,” said Kirk McGinnis, principal of Monrovia High School, to KABC. Fisher...

Njera Perkins

Jun 5, 2020

Black Teen Martin Folsom Perseveres Through Homelessness to the Top of His Class

In a time where Black people have so many threatening factors working against us, young people are still shining stars in academic excellence. According to ESSENCE , Jacksonville teen, Martin Folsom — a graduating senior from A. Philip Randolph Career Academies — successfully secured the title of class valedictorian despite battling homelessness through his school years. Graduating at the top of his class was no easy task, but Folsom saw it through proving there’s nothing that can stop determination. “It means a lot and it gives me a sense of all I’ve done and all I have accomplished was worth it,” Folsom said in a video addressing Duval County Public Schools’ class of 2020. “It’s been a rocky road, a lot of hardships. But seeing myself now about to graduate, about to go to college—it feels good knowing all the stuff I’ve done was worth it.” Folsom grew up living in shelters, but above it all, he was able to serve as class president from his freshman to senior year and his peers...

Njera Perkins

Jun 2, 2020

HP to Launch New Virtual Development Experience Targeting HBCU Students

Class of 2020 graduates have found themselves in a peculiar time navigating our new normal. From canceled graduations and proms to adjusting to remote learning online, students are at a great disadvantage during this time. Many graduates are faced with the reality of an uncertain economy with a scarcity of internships and job opportunities. According to a new report published by Glassdoor, 1 in 2 U.S. internship openings on Glassdoor have been closed since the coronavirus crisis began resulting in over four million jobs being lost. To assist students and graduates during this transition period, HP announced that it plans to launch a new virtual development experience targeting HBCU students, Black Enterprise reports. HP Summer Scholars , a free virtual development series to help university students with business and professional skills, will launch this summer and run from June 15–July 24. The program plans to help students with the following: Learn how a global business operates...

Njera Perkins

May 29, 2020

Black Woman Earns Two Degrees From Two Universities in the Same Week

Ashley Williams has mastered the art of practicing Black girl magic, and the proof is not only in her master’s but her law degree that she earned the exact same week. Before you ask — no, she wasn’t enrolled in a dual program, she actually attended two different universities located in two states at the same time. In 2019, Williams earned a master’s degree in political management from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., just two days later received her JD from the University of Pennsylvania, according to Because of Them We Can. To add to the abundance of Black girl magic, Williams completed her master’s while she was working as a special advisor and director of special projects to the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues. “I was really interested in beginning a program that would allow me to build upon my undergraduate degree, love for politics, and allow me to continue working. I knew I needed to grow. The Political Management degree at GW was perfect,“...

Devin Crudup

Apr 17, 2020