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7-Year-Old Morgan Bugg Convinces Educational App To Offer Representation For Black Girls' Hair

A Tennessee first-grader proved that anyone can make a difference and inspire change, no matter how old they are. Earlier last month, seven-year-old Morgan Bugg of Brentwood, TN was using educational app Freckle, a gaming platform that allows students a chance to win coins while completing reading and math enrichment activities. During virtual class, she noticed its online store didn’t have any hairstyle options for Black girls like her to style her avatar. According to Bugg, she told the Tennessean that “I felt kind of sad and jealous that there wasn’t any girl hair for me.” Kelley Anne Joyner — Bugg’s teacher at Edmondson Elementary School — then noticed how visibly frustrated Bugg was and pulled her into a virtual breakout room to chat one-on-one. “She had some heartfelt tears,” Joyner said to the Tennessean. “She then said that it’s not fair that they have one Black boy hair, but they don’t have any Black girl hair.” In an effort to find a solution to her problem, Bugg suggested...

May 5, 2021

Black Owned-D.C. Nonprofit The Black Girl Tribe Receives $100K Grant From Nike

Nike Inc. is spreading the love to more Black-led companies as part of its commitment to addressing racial equity in America. Most recently, The Black Girl Tribe — a D.C.-based nonprofit organization — announced that it received a $100,000 grant from NIKE Inc.’s Black Community Commitment Portfolio in an effort to help it expand its programming and future initiatives. The organization revealed the news to its following in an Instagram post captioned: “This grant will be used to expand TRIBE’s programming and launch their new “Black Girls Just Do” Initiative. Black Girls Just Do It will be dedicated to providing opportunities for Black Girls to explore the wide world of sports, enhancing their life skills and sisterhood.” According to its website, The Black Girl Tribe is an organization dedicated to the betterment of Black girls and our livelihood by advocating for change and increasing access to sustainable resources to help us thrive in life. Its new partnership with Nike Inc. and...

May 3, 2021

Social Media Shows its Power by Pouring Love into Black Girl Who Says 'I'm Ugly' in Viral Video

Social media’s influence is strong and once again Black Twitter uses its powers for good to spread positive messages across the platform to stress the importance of showing our Black youth love. If you haven’t heard by now, a video of Atlanta-based hairstylist Shabria — aka Lil Wave Daddy — went viral this past weekend of her encouraging a little Black girl named Ariyonna to appreciate her beauty after calling herself ugly. You’ll see the video capture Ariyonna catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror nonchalantly saying “I’m ugly,” to which Shabria responds by wrapping the 4-year-old in her arms and showering her with love. When Black Twitter and Black users on other social media platforms got ahold of the video it went viral in a matter of hours, sparking a massive wave of love and support for the young Black girl. Plus, it sent a mass message to all young Black girls about self-love and beauty. Celebrities...

Mar 12, 2020