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Berry Gordy Not Only Built A $400M Net Worth — But He Also Produced A Family Show Business Legacy

When it comes to show business families, few — if any — have had the impact of the Gordy family. Under the tutelage of Berry Gordy, Motown Records produced some of the biggest hits of the Golden Age of Music. From a former boxer to creating “The Sound of America” — according to The Motown Museum — Berry Gordy has certainly created a lasting empire. According to Celebrity Net Worth, in fact, Berry Gordy’s net worth even after he sold Motown Records in 1988 is a gob-smacking $400 million. And the Gordy family continues to be relevant in both music and business. Whether it’s by blood or by marriage, chances are that you’re currently enjoying music, movies, television shows, and more from this show business legacy family. Believe it or not, too, there are some members of the Gordy family that are nowhere near the entertainment industry. Did you know that one of the most prominent Gordys went into politics — going so far as to become one of America’s presidents? In short, members of this...