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Usher Raymond Is A R&B Legend Worth $180M — But His 4 Children Are Where His True Fortune Lies

When people think about famous music artists, Michael Jackson has set the proverbial standard of how an album can have an impact. His impact is realized simply by asking the question, “What is their (insert artist) ‘Thriller?'” Because of that album’s massive influence and popular success, there is unspoken but loud pressure to create a musical body of work that can be unique and legacy-informing for artists. While some entertainers are still chasing a project like Jackson’s “Thriller,” the culture has agreed that some artists have accomplished that goal. Usher Raymond is among those, with the 2004 release of “Confessions.” Nurtured early in Chattanooga, TN, but cultivated in Atlanta, GA, Usher has been a consistent voice in music across decades. Although “Confessions” may be considered his defining album, Usher entered the music space with a self-titled project in 1994. However, his sophomore effort, “My Way,” captured the hearts of music listeners. From that point on, the...

Josh Rodgers

Sep 26, 2023

Kerry Washington Built An Estimated $50M Fortune, But Her Husband And 3 Kids Are 'Proof Of God' To Her

When Shonda Rhimes gave us the critically acclaimed “Scandal,” Thursday nights were never the same. The brilliance of the show’s characters kept viewers captivated, all led by Olivia Pope, as portrayed by Kerry Washington. Washington made the world feel like Olivia Pope could do just about anything. She was the proverbial cousin in most people’s heads and the “fixer” many people wish they had in real life. Although Washington’s role in “Scandal” was noteworthy, it wasn’t the first nor would it be the last time she’d make her mark on the culture. Kerry Washington is a New York native with early roots in the acting industry. During her early teen years, she was a part of New York’s TADA! Youth Theater. Her work with the theater would prove beneficial as Washington went on to appear in hit television shows and films including “Ray” and “Little Fires Everywhere.” The 46-year-old actress is also known for her work behind the camera as a producer and director for shows such as the hit HBO...

Josh Rodgers

Apr 19, 2023

Boris Kodjoe Has A $5M Net Worth, But That Pales In Comparison To The Priceless Fortune He's Built As A Husband And Father

Some people hit the scene and almost immediately make their imprint on culture. Whether it is a hit song, a breakout role, or sex appeal – some people just have that it factor. And with his inclusion in a previous version of People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” list, Boris Kodjoe has been making his impact in that way for some time now. Born in Vienna, Austria, Kodjoe is a German-Ghanaian actor and model whose career in the entertainment industry has spanned a few decades. Before he became a household name, Kodjoe earned a marketing degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in 1996. According to ESPN, Kodjoe was a four-year letterman athlete winning 75 career singles while on the tennis team at VCU. However, he suffered a back injury that prevented him from pursuing the sport professionally. Instead, Kodjoe decided to focus on and pursue modeling and acting. The star appeared in the 1995 recording of TLC’s video for “Red Light Special.” He would go on to get his...

Josh Rodgers

Mar 13, 2023

Outside Of The Isley Brothers, Ron Isley Has Built A $2M Net Worth And Family With Three Children Of His Own To Share His Legacy

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world on its head, making the 2001 Isley Brothers hit “Contagious” take on a whole new meaning. While very few people are currently singing the associated lyrics, “touch me, baby, give me what you got,” the song that may not have aged well doesn’t cast a big enough shadow to ignore the legacy of Ron Isley and the Isley Brothers. The Isley Brothers is an American R&B family group originally from Cincinnati, OH. The singing brothers have captivated audiences for decades with a musical history that goes back to the 1950s. One of the pieces of magic that made the group successful was the sultry, piercing lead vocals from Ronald “Ron” Isley. Ron Isley’s iconic voice can be heard on chart-topping classics like “For the Love Of You,” “Choosey Lover,” and “Between The Sheets.” Isley and his singing brothers also proved their residual relevance by expanding their audience to younger generations with songs like “Busted” and “Just Came Here To...

Josh Rodgers

Aug 10, 2022