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Black Experts Discuss The Shift In Sneaker Culture That Has Made Consumers The Biggest Losers Of The Industry

Wondering why you can’t get your hands on the latest Jordan sneaker drop? Well, you can thank the overwhelming hype culture around sneakers, the genius of tech and the boom of social media for the commoditized market. Previously, sneaker culture used to be glorified for its principles of style, community and history that defined a niche industry. And while this remains true, it’s impossible to ignore the shift that’s made consumers the biggest losers of the sneaker business today. Anyone who’s been truly invested in the culture knows that getting a pair of the hottest sneakers was never an easy feat, but after technology was introduced as a new avenue for brands to sell their shoes, it changed the rules so that consumers now are in an unfair competition with several different apps, websites and technology-based “cheat codes” (better known as bots). Bots, according to Business Insider, is a term that refers to a software application that’s used to expedite the online checkout process...

Jun 16, 2021

Two Cousins, One Mission: Use Marketing Expertise to Transform Black Businesses Into Global Brands

Black-owned businesses have had a trying time this year and many are looking to rebuild in the midst of the global pandemic. In an effort to help those who need assistance getting more eyes on their brands, marketing expert Tyshan Edwards — founder and CEO of brand and marketing agency 24Media — has vowed to focus on global expansion for Black businesses. According to Black Business, Edwards — who has 17 years of branding experience — has just relaunched his company as 24 Brandhouse . 24 Brandhouse’s new rebrand comes with a renewed goal to grow its client portfolio into a global marketplace and focus on helping Black entrepreneurs elevate their businesses into worldwide brands over the next three years. 24Media — originally founded in 2006 by Edwards and his cousin Jermol Edwards — saw a major lack of brand identity and digital savviness for local businesses in their community. They then set out to help these struggling businesses thrive. “24 Brandhouse was launched to help brands,...

Nov 19, 2020

14 Black Financial Experts You Should Be Following

When it comes to personal finance advice, it can often feel difficult to find information that is relevant to the black experience. Black Americans often face financial hurdles such as pay inequality, predatory lending and hiring discrimination, all of which have contributed to a racial wealth gap. “People are working hard, but if every part of their life is discounted, how can they catch up?” says financial educator Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche. According to the most recent data from the Federal Reserve, as of 2016, the median black household net worth was just over $17,000, while for the same year the median net worth for white households was over $170,000. And while the median household income for black Americans has risen between 2013 and 2018, it is still 33% lower than the national average . Marcus Garrett, co-host of the podcast “Paychecks & Balances,” says the answer to closing the wealth gap between black and white Americans is multifaceted. “First, we must address what...

Jul 23, 2020