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Entrepreneur Matha Figaro Is Reportedly Behind The First Black-Owned Legal Edibles Brand In New Jersey

New Jersery entrepreneur Matha Figaro is breaking ground in the cannabis industry.

Dec 18, 2023

Calandra Revering, A Criminal Defense Attorney, Fulfills Her Dream As She's Set To Open A Cannabis Shop In Minnesota

Criminal defense attorney Calandra Revering will be fulfilling her dream as she prepares to welcome customers to her cannabis shop in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Dec 5, 2023

Keshawn Warner Went From Being Arrested For Cannabis To Leading A Multi-Million Dollar Dispensary

A cannabis entrepreneur has shared how a tragic event from the past led him to lead a thriving company.

Sep 18, 2023

Marvina Thomas To Become The First Black Woman To Own And Operate A Dispensary In Arizona

Entrepreneur Marvina Thomas is making her presence known in the cannabis space.

Mar 24, 2023

Meet The Only Black Woman Licensed To Grow, Dispense & Sell Cannabis In The State Of Ohio

The cannabis industry isn’t always inclusive, but this Black woman is working to change that one dispensary at a time. Founder Ariane Kirkpatrick built Harvest of Ohio to help improve the lives of others through the use of cannabis. After a conversation with one of her sons who used the plant to cope with anxiety, she knew that they could help others reap the benefits of a resource that has been equipped with a negative connotation within the Black community for decades. “I didn’t think that they would allow someone like me to be in this business, and they didn’t,” said Kirkpatrick during an exclusive interview with AfroTech. Eventually, Kirkpatrick was able to kick down the door. Now, she is the only Black woman in the state of Ohio to be vertically integrated within the industry. What this means is that she holds all three licenses to grow, dispense and sell cannabis. She holds a cultivation license, a dispensary license, and a processing license.

Oct 12, 2021

CEO Samuel Adetunji Brings In 7 Figures A Month By Providing His Cannabis Platform To The World

As more states legalize cannabis , Samuel Adetunji wants to make sure patients get connected to the best cannabis physicians possible, so he created a platform that does just that. Adetunji is the co-founder and co-CEO of Veriheal , a platform that connects prospective patients who are seeking a better quality of life through cannabis with state-certified medical marijuana doctors online to provide customized medical recommendations. Adetunji and his business partner, Joshua Green, delivered cannabis paraphernalia to customers when they noticed a more significant gap in the market. “My business partner and I did some research and tried getting cannabis cards ourselves and found out how hard it was to get access to dispensaries,” Adetunji told AfroTech. “It was even hard to find out if doctors worked in the industry or wrote recommendations for patients. We figured our business idea could be scaled throughout the nation.” Founded in 2017, Adetunji said he “launched the company out of...

Jun 23, 2021

Jay-Z's The Parent Company Gears Up To Expand Supply Of High-Quality, Cali Grown Cannabis

Rap mogul and cannabis connoisseur Jay-Z is using his stake in the weed industry to make another culture-shifting deal. This week, The Parent Company — the icon’s cannabis company — announced that it has acquired Mercer Park Brand Acquisition Corp for $50 million, who is set to merge with Glass House Group, a press release states. As a member of the lucrative partnership group, Jay-Z and his brand stand to play defining roles in the new deal as he will become an owner of California’s largest cannabis producer. As a result of the new multi-million dollar merger deal, The Parent Company — which owns Jay-Z’s Monogram brand — has secured a 10-year-contract with Glass House to expand its supply of cannabis products. According to rolling out, the two groups are also in the process of finalizing a six-year $25 million retail partnership that will prompt The Parent Company to sell its products at Glass House stores. “These partnerships are a fantastic opportunity to secure long-term access...

May 28, 2021

Al Harrington’s Viola Makes History As the First Multinational Black-Owned Cannabis Brand

Former NBA star turned entrepreneur Al Harrington is on a mission to make the cannabis industry a Black-owned enterprise — starting with his brand Viola. Forbes reports that Harrington’s cannabis line is expanding its products to Canada after sharing that Avicanna — a cannabinoid-focused biopharmaceutical company — will be licensing the brand and using it to help develop specific formulations for sale across the country’s medical and consumer retail channels. The company’s “commitment to research and development of cannabis in the medical and pharmaceutical industries makes them the perfect biotech partner to bring Viola’s brand to our Northern neighbors,” he said. “We’re excited to announce our partnership with Avicanna to expand into the Canadian market,” Harrington told Forbes. “Becoming the first Black-owned multinational brand is a significant milestone for Viola, and we look forward to expanding our product offering and Viola’s mission into a new market.” For the use of its...

Mar 24, 2021

Pro Boxer Karim Mayfield Faced A Cannabis Charge At 18, Now He'll Own His Own San Francisco Dispensary

Marijuana arrests for Black youth in America have a history of threatening to derail their futures. San Francisco native and professional boxer Karim Mayfield faced this same fate at 18-years-old, but now he’s turning that negative into a positive by opening his own cannabis dispensary in his hometown. In addition to being a cannabis dispensary owner, Mayfield is also the owner of SoulChamp — a boxing gym dedicated to offering youth the kind of mentorship that helped turn his own life around as a teen. Mayfield now joins the new generation of Black public figures becoming leaders in the cannabis space, as well as the professional athletes who are incorporating cannabis into their training and wellness regimens. According to a press release, Mayfield earned the opportunity to own a cannabis dispensary through San Francisco’s Cannabis Equity Program, which aims to create prosperity and secure ownership in the cannabis industry for those severely impacted by the War on Drugs. “As a San...

Jan 22, 2021

Former NBA Players Al Harrington, Larry Hughes Team Up to Open Cannabis Store

These former NBA players are meeting up once more, but this time it’s bigger than just hoops! Larry Hughes and Al Harrington will work together to continue to expand Harrington’s cannabis business in St. Louis. Previously Harrington announced that the two will work together on his Viola brand when he opens a cultivation and processing center along with two cannabis dispensaries early next year, according to Black Enterprise . The new venture is a partnership with Harrington and his cannabis company, Village Brands, and will be called Viola Missouri (VMO). “I am honored to bring VMO to life in St. Louis. Over the course of my career in the NBA, and since my retirement, I have focused my energy and resources on being a positive influence in this community,” said Hughes in a written statement. “I have championed efforts to break the stigma around mental health and spent a great deal of time helping to develop this city’s young leaders. VMO will serve the medical needs of our community,...

Nov 13, 2020

Meet Andrea Drummer, the Black Chef Behind the First Weed-Infused Cafe in America

Chef Andrea Drummer has used her love for cooking and desire to focus on generational wealth to open the doors of America’s first weed-infused cafe. South Florida native, Drummer originally had the idea to create a business that was a farm-to-table restaurant before she decided to pair different meals with various weed strains. Now she’s opened Cannabis Cafe — located in West Hollywood Hills — where she serves as both Executive Chef and head partner. Her vision to incorporate this idea started about four years ago as an executive producer on a project she worked on with Spotify. “I was executive producing a project with Spotify called, the Breaking Bread series . They would compile a group of characters to sit around a table and consume a four- to six-course [cannabis-infused] menu that I would prepare for them. I noticed that a lot of them were all industry guys, and had very high tolerance,” Drummer said in an interview with XONecole . “I wanted to find a product that aligned with...

Aug 19, 2020

Meet Seun Adedeji, the Youngest Black Man to Own a Cannabis Dispensary in the U.S.

Seun Adedeji is the epitome of a self-made businessman who created his own opportunities. At three-years-old, Adedeji migrated from Nigeria to the Southside of Chicago and later to the state of Texas, where he spent his teenage years. Now, Adedeji is the youngest Black man to own a cannabis dispensary in America. Although the use of medical and recreational use of cannabis is legal in select American states, there is yet another barrier for Black people who desire to enter into the cannabis business — discrimination. According to the ACLU , Black people in America are 3.73 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis than any other racial group. When it comes to entering the industry, Black entrepreneurs only make up 4.3 percent of cannabis business owners , Marijuana Business Daily reports. The disproportional percentages can be attributed to discriminatory practices regarding securing necessary licenses and permits. “I was rejected for a retail cannabis license for two years...

Jun 18, 2020